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Explore the Off-the-beaten Path Destinations when You Visit Israel

Visit Israel and Explore a Holy Land

A vacation in Israel is never complete if you don’t get to experience the Temple Mount, Dead Sea and Tel Aviv. But this does not mean there are no other reasons to visit Israel for a second or third time. Aside from these popular tourist destinations you have been to, a lot more discoveries await you. Why not go for an adventure tour and explore the off-the-beaten path travel destinations most tourists avoid? Whether this is your first backpacking trip or a repeat Israel travel, an unconventional experience of unique places in Holy Land is worth a try. Why confine yourself within the city when there are paths that lead beyond the typical tourist spots?

For those who want peace and calm when touring Israel

Visit museums and galleries at Ein Hod Artists’ Colony. Located in the lower slopes of Carmel Forest in Hafia region, this quaint village is the home for artists and their masterpieces. Around 150 artists and their families are residents of Ein Hod which was established in 1953 by renowned artist, Marcel Janco. Perfect for art lovers and people looking to discover the romantic and artistic side of this beautiful country, this village should not be missed when you visit Israel!

See more artworks at the Gottesman Etching Center at Kibbutz Cabri. Not every tourist knows about the kibbutz. Established in 1993, this is an experiential museum and haven for Israeli and foreign artists.  Moreover, this etching workshop has the largest press in Israel. Visitors can also find large etching baths, hot table and aquatint box. Just beside the workshop of sculptor Yechiel Shemi is a spectacular sculpture garden while the Cabri Gallery for Contemporary Art can be found in the kibbutz.

Go on a side trip to the Sculpture Road. As its name suggests, this road is a site for numerous sculptures of numerous immigrant tourists from the former Soviet Union and is located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. As you pass the road, there are environment-friendly artworks that blend with the surroundings. While you are appreciating these artworks, take time to grab a bite and sit on one of the picnic tables in the area. This route runs through the entire President’s Forest which was developed more than a century ago and is dedicated to Israel’s first president, Dr. Chaim Weizzmann. You can do this, perhaps, after your trip to Jerusalem.

For those who love adventures when they visit Israel

Don’t miss out on Rosh HaNikra. Set on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, this white chalk geological formation opens up to the grottoes. The enchanting sights are not the only compelling reasons to take on this adventure tour. Come here not only for the view but also for the food! Go kayaking and spelunking as well. Of course, adding this destination to your list when you visit Israel also lets you enjoy the sights on a cable car as you go down the 656-foot walking track that lead to the grottoes.

Hike and rappel down the Black Canyon and Hexagonal Pools. This is perhaps one of the most adventurous trips you can ever have in Israel. If you are ready to take the plunge, literally, head off to Golan Heights. The Black Canyon was formed thousands of years ago after volcanic eruptions in the region. Seasoned hikers will see walk through streams and rappel down three waterfalls to enjoy the cold waters of hexagonal pools. Be reminded, however, that you need to have a licensed guide with you on this adventure.

Now that you have an idea of what else to discover when you visit Israel, go ahead and book that adventure tour today!

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