Travel Eat and Connect, Through Tel Aviv

Welcome to Tel Aviv – the city that never sleeps.

The place might be tiny in size, but it’s enormous in personality and offers endless opportunities.

Imagine a city that is shaped by its people; people of all ages, of all sizes, of all genders – a place where there is no need for gay-friendly bars because everywhere is gay-friendly.

A place where family means a mom and dad with three kids, two dads and one kid, two moms and two kids, moms on their own, or dads on their own – there are no stifling rules here!

"We wanted to give our kids a taste of the cultures, history, the land, the people, the food, etc.We got all of these!"

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"If you can dream it, Puzzle Israel will make it happen..."

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Come as you are


People in Tel Aviv are living their best lives. Cafes line every street and corner.


Bars are open all night long. Art is everywhere you look, from graffiti-filled walls that tell stories of the locals to art museums and galleries to Bauhaus buildings that will make you stop and look.


The sound of the city is music to your ears, from falafel popping and the chitter-chatter of locals spending their morning contemplating life over coffee to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, The New Israeli Opera, and the Israel Chamber Orchestra.


Fashion has no limits, either. Israeli designer shops are everywhere selling handmade jewelry, beautiful fabrics and purses, and shoes and accessories.


Vegan is a way of life, and every cafe has vegan options as vegetable variety colors the tables.


Beaches surround you from every corner. The whole city is walkable, bikeable, and full of cozy corners for lounging with a book.


Come get inspired, rethink, relive, and relax.