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A Trip to Jerusalem: 5 Logical Reasons to Hire a Tour Guide

You Just Have to Organize Trip to Jerusalem

Some travelers planning a trip to Jerusalem have ambivalent feelings about hiring tour guides. Those who have been vacationing to other countries or traveling on a budget while on a vacation in Israel might be considering passing up on hiring one. However, there are logical reasons you should take advantage of signing up with a guided tour whether for your trips to Israel or other travel destinations.

 Why Have Tour Guides for Your Trip to Jerusalem?

  • Jerusalem is a popular tourist destination

There are so many places of interest in and around Jerusalem which are better off experiencing with Jerusalem tours. A tour guide knows the best places worth seeing, when are the best hours to visit them and what sites are currently closed. They can also recommend off-the-beaten-path destinations you never know existed.

  • You have limited time to spend on your trip

If this is your first time to experience a getaway to the Holy Land, hiring a knowledgeable tour guide is a good idea because getting lost in unfamiliar destinations can be one of the challenges you can face. Package tours with a private tour guide are organized and can even be customized. With all the possible attractions to go to, picking the right ones can be daunting. A tour guide can help you maximize your time so you can make the most of your trip to Jerusalem and other places in the region.

  • It is more convenient.

Jerusalem is rich with thousands of years of history and culture, one of the reasons tourists flock to this travel destination. Although you can check out the internet to have a background of what to expect, the information you will get from someone who knows every detail of the place, the stories behind every corner and structure is incomparable. Moreover, when it comes to language barrier, a tour guide can help you through this so you need not have to haggle with local merchants for souvenirs or be fooled into buying expensive items that have little worth. What’s also great about this is that you can opt to have a guide for some of your tours while you can do other Jerusalem tours on your own.

  • Logistics will never be a problem.

Signing up for a guided tour for your trip to Jerusalem will make it easier for you to have a real vacation, that is, just to enjoy your stay without having to worry about how and where to rent a car, where to eat or make ticket reservations. All these can be handled by your tour guide. He or she will meet you in your hotel with your itinerary for the day, from breakfast to dinner, depending on the type of tour package you choose.

  • A tour guide gives you peace of mind.

Traveling to other places alone or for the first time does not come without worries about safety and security. Although a trip to Jerusalem is generally safe, there are still places you might be reluctant to visit, just like in any foreign country. Hiring a tour guide will ensure you feel safe and comfortable to explore the areas you want to visit.

Final Words

So, whether you are heading off to Jerusalem for the first time or have been enjoying your Israel vacation for several times, contacting a tour operator for a guided tour should be in your to-do list. There are numerous benefits this decision can offer that you might not have thought of before.




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