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Why Parents Should Consider a Trip to Jerusalem Package for Teenagers

teens trip to jerusalem package

It is important for Israeli teens to develop a passion to learn about their heritage. Fortunately, more and more parents and schools today are supportive of the value of educating kids about their roots with trip to Jerusalem package tours. Not only will this bring more meaning to a growing teen’s life, but there are other benefits a Jewish trip to Israel can offer.

1. A trip to Jerusalem package for teenagers is organized and safe.

If parents are unable to accompany their children for a holiday in Israel, a trip to Jerusalem package is the perfect solution to let the younger generation discover their Jewish heritage and explore interesting destinations such as holy sites and synagogues. Moreover, they can engage in recreation and adventure like hiking at Masada and swimming in the Dead Sea with an Israel private tour guide who have years of experience and knowledge in teen tours.

With a tour package, the itinerary is covered as well as accommodations and transportation to ensure participants will have the opportunity to simply enjoy and learn from the experience. Teens that will be joining the tour will also be able to visit places of interest in Jerusalem, be given time to shop for souvenirs and eat in restaurants serving Israeli cuisine – a unique mixture of regional dishes.

If these young adults were to travel to Israel on their own without a professional tour guide, there is a chance that they could get lost or overspend because they are unfamiliar with the country.

2. Israel is a great place to celebrate a rite of passage.

One of the most important and symbolical events in a young Jewish boy’s life is the celebration of his bar mitzvah. This is his rite of passage, a ceremony that will symbolize the start of his religious duties and responsibilities as an adult. There is no other place to better celebrate a bar mitzvah than a bar mitzvah in Israel. This event only happens once in a young man’s life and the chance to be with friends as well as family in their country of origin can make this event more significant.

3. This is an opportune way to meet other Jewish teens and gain new friends.

Thousands of young Jewish people are starting to be passionate about their Jewish roots and booking a trip to Jerusalem package with other Jewish teens from different parts of the world, which will make the experience more memorable and substantial. This is because they will meet people from other countries that have a diverse upbringing.

Additionally, this gives them a chance to meet new friends along the way and explore Israel first-hand and not just through the Internet. As for not traveling with older people and parents, this can also be more comfortable and interesting for these teens since they have the same likes as their group members and can exchange views and ideas.

Discovering one’s Jewish roots and learning more about Jewish heritage is an experience parents should try to allow their teens to have because it will allow the youth of today become more grounded and aware of how beautiful and rich their culture is. With a trip to Jerusalem package, this is now possible and affordable as well.

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