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3 Surprising Life Lessons You Can Learn while Taking Tours to Israel

Get the Most of Tours to Israel

When people go on tours to Israel, they usually focus on visiting popular attractions like the Temple Mount, the Dead Sea, and the Sea of Galilee. There’s nothing wrong with this but, if you’re planning to go on Israel guided tours, make sure to look out for life lessons that the country will teach you along the way. These aren’t really surprising; with its rich history, unique culture, and beautiful sights, Israel is bound to inspire life-changing lessons in its visitors and make their hearts fuller when they leave.

Life Lessons that Tours to Israel Can Teach

Traveling to Israel (or any other country, in general) teaches subtle lessons that can easily fade into the background, so you have to be observant and keen enough to notice them. Some of these lessons include the following:

  • Getting out of your comfort zone is fun

Trying new things can be scary, but they’re worth the fear that you’ll face! Whether you’re challenging your cycling skills in the Southern Israel desert or doing yoga poses for the first time near the Ramon crater, you can have a fun and exciting time as you conquer your fear during your tours to Israel.

  • Most people are nice and kind

This insight won’t magically erase every thief or burglar from the face of the earth, but it can help you realize that not everyone you meet is out to get you. When you go on a Jewish trip to Israel, you’ll meet lots of hospitable people who are willing to stop what they’re doing, chat with you about the weather, their village, or any other topic, and make you feel warm and welcome.

  • The little things don’t matter

It’s easy to believe that you should stress yourself out on every little detail or mistake. But, when you take tours to Israel, you’ll realize that this isn’t really the case. Mispronouncing a Hebrew word, for instance, might be humiliating for you, but the local people will understand that you’re still learning the language and will appreciate your efforts instead of laughing at you.

  • Food can tell you a lot about the country

One of the best ways to understand Israel is to go on culinary tours. By taking this step, you’ll get to eat a wide range of foods that aren’t only mouthwatering but also help you learn more about the country’s culture and its influences from the Jewish, Arab, Bedouin, Droze, and Circassian communities. You’ll also get to visit various farms, restaurants, and open-air markets to observe how people interact with each other and understand the local norms and traditions — all while enjoying delicious dishes, desserts, and drinks.

Final Thoughts

Going on tours to Israel won’t only help you have a fun and exciting vacation but can also teach you valuable lessons that you can use in everyday life. Whether you’re a solo traveler or with friends and families, keep these lessons in mind and let them help you live your life to the fullest.

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