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Tailor Made Tours and Organized Trips to Israel

All About Organized Trips to Israel

Israel travel is not the “one size fits all” experience that it used to be.
The young country with ancient history has thousands of travel options, sites to see, and potential itineraries for every tourist. Though no two tourists are alike, often times, organized trips to Israel offered by different tour companies are all identical, offering a very simple way to travel the country, which doesn’t give the individual and authentic experiences that Israel can and should provide. That’s why at Puzzle Israel, we offer two types of tours, both unique and interesting: we offer
organized trips to Israel (that depart on set dates) as well as tailor made  tours. Both tour categories not only focus on the sites, but on the cultural immersion, specialized activities, and the individuals travelling with us. Each of our organized trips to Israel is unique and like no other offered by other companies, and with our tailor made tours, no two itineraries are the same, because we know that no two tourists are the same. Each and every one of our tours, whether it is our organized trips to Israel for larger groups, our small group tours to Israel, or our family trips, is created in a way that reflects our travellers’ individuality.

How to Tailor Make Your Israel Trip

You may decide that having an Israel private tour guide is best for your family, allowing for an intimate experience custom made precisely with your families wants and needs in mind. Puzzle Israel makes sure to choose an Israel private tour guide for each family based on the planned activities and the personality of the family. The most important part of planning a tailor made tour is researching Israel travel information and then telling your trip provider your likes, dislikes, needs, and desires. This is the crucial first step in guaranteeing that every item in an itinerary will be enjoyable for you. It is also important to decide how you want to travel.

How to decide if an organized trip to Israel is what you need

Ask yourself if you are you interested in small group tours to Israel. If so, maybe one of Puzzle Israel’s specialty tours that depart on set dates could interest you. This is a “no muss no fuss” way to travel to Israel, while still allowing for a personalized experience. Puzzle Israel offers a wide variety of types of tours, from culinary, to culture, to religion, to active and to yoga. One of our professional tour guides joining each tour will insure you get the most out of your experience with the group.

Outsource for your Israel Travel Information

Israel may be small, but the amount of travel information on the web and in books is overwhelming. When planning a custom trip, it is important not to get all of your Israel travel information from one place, rather from a number of sources. That way, you can come to the table with some idea of what you would like to do. Aside from research ahead of time, there is a lot of information you will want to know during the process. At Puzzle Israel, we get that. Therefore, we are open and communicative with every group and family during the entire planning process. No one needs to be in the dark when planning organized trips to Israel!
In all, Puzzle Israel aims to make every organized trip to Israel as personal, custom fitting, and enjoyable as possible for all parties involved. Be sure to check us out when considering an organized trip or planning your tailor made trip to Israel!

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