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Tour de Israel – Cycling Adventures in Israel

Often times, when people think of cycling trips, they think about cycling through the back roads and country sides of France, Spain and Italy, or riding cross country in the USA. Little do they know that Israel is actually the ideal country for cycling, combining a wide range of terrains, with mind blowing sites, and history that can’t be found anywhere else.

When it comes to road cycling tour israel, Israel is on the map with a great reputation for the amazing climbs, the varied terrain, the special views, and the warm weather. While Spain, France and Italy may be great as cycling vacation destinations where people visit over and over, Israel is too with similar conditions, and great weather for cycling, even in the winter. In fact, many would even say that Israel is the ideal place for a cycling retreat or cycling training camp. Not only do you experience a new and exotic place to cycle, you also enjoy the enthralling history and culture of Israel, a combination that can’t be beat.


Because of its size, Israel can be traveled by bike from Metula (the northern tip) to Eilat (the southern tip) in just seven days, yet without missing the Must-Sees and also experiencing some of the more off-the-beaten-path aspect of the country. You pass through every climate, backdrop, and culture on the way, including the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, the Negev desert, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea all the way in Eilat. Enjoy every challenging climb and never ending road from North to South with mesmerizing landscapes.

Many people may feel insecure taking their bike and peddling along unfamiliar roads in a new country, without a guide, escort or technical assistant. That is why Puzzle Israel decided to offer exciting Set Departure cycling tours to experience the best of Israel on a bike, and also cycling activities that anyone can integrate into their Israel experience when traveling with Puzzle Israel. Puzzle Israel works with Rent-a-Bike Israel, a growing business that offers professional cycling guides and mechanics as well as road bikes of different levels and sizes for rent so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of traveling long distance abroad with yours.

Along with incredible days in the saddle, Puzzle Israel offers several special aspects to the experience. While you are seeing the views from a bike, your families who may choose not to cycle, can be touring the area and also experiencing the country through their eyes. From culinary, to cultural, to historical aspects, you can have the “best saddle in the house” for discovering Israel. Puzzle Israel also believes in enjoying time off saddle, so high end lodging and meals are offered from the best locals. In addition, Puzzle Israel offers the option to make any ride a charity ride, offering an intimate and unique experience. Connect with a local or special charity of your choosing, and ride with those who will benefit in mind. Some of these charities are Israeli so you may even decide to meet the people you are donating to, giving you an even more memorable experience. Offering cycling trips of three difficulties, anyone can come and enjoy cycling in Israel, and if you get tired, hop on one of the logistic vans following the group. All mechanical issues that may occur are immediately handled by the mechanic joining the entirety of the tour.


Let us take care of everything. From delicious food and comfortable shelter, to your families enjoying Israel along with you, even to providing a bike and all the logistical care involved in touring with one. Puzzle Israel will definitely offer you the best cycling trip, and overall experience, in Israel.


Cycling routes include:
Central –  Jerusalem Hills, Tel Aviv surrounding area, Shfela (Lowlands)
South –  Judean Desert, Negev Desert, Eilat
North – the Northern shoreline, Haifa and Jezreal Valley area, Golan Heights, Galilee mountain, Galilee Sea

All you have to do is show up excited, and ready to experience cycling and Israel in a whole new light!

Check out Puzzle Israel cycling adventures and Rent-a-Bike Israel’s page to plan your next cycling tour in one of the most exciting cycling destinations in the world!

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