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Top 5 Places in Tel Aviv for Families with Children


Planning on taking your children on a trip to Israel? We got here a great list of the top five sites in Tel Aviv that will give a family with children the ultimate Israeli experience.

Situated right on the Mediterranean coastline, Tel Aviv is home to endless possibilities. With its title as the second largest city in Israel, it would be almost impossible not to find adventure. Tel Aviv welcomes all ages and backgrounds with open arms. This beautiful, thriving city keeps both young ones and adults leaving wanting more. Ready to learn more about what this amazing city has to offer families with children on a tour to Israel?

Ramat Gan Safari
Home to the largest collection of wildlife in human care in the Middle East, this 250-acre site allows visitors to remain in control and take the wheel of their own vehicles. It gives people the chance to drive along a path and get an up close and personal view of the animals at their own pace. As if that wasn’t enough, visitors also get the chance to walk through the outdoor zoo to witness the variety of wildlife this safari holds. There are 83 species of mammals, 92 species of birds, and 23 species of reptiles waiting to share their love of their home with you.

Hippopotamus-Safari_Photo by: MathKnight and Zachi Evenor

Park Hayarkon
Considered the “Central Park” of Tel Aviv, Park Hayarkon stretches from Ramat Gan through North Tel Aviv and all the way to the sea. No tour to Israel is complete without a visit to this wonderful green park in the middle of this lively city. While walking along the park’s path, one can witness morning yoga sessions, friends going for a nice jog, bikers, and people just enjoying a chance to relax by the river. The Eastern part of the park is much wider, allowing for large families to spread out, and providing a great place to picnic with family-a great Saturday activity common for locals. Towards the northern section, a large sports center contains a 45-foot high climbing wall, basketball and rollerblading courts, and trampolines. Also, take advantage of the family bike rentals for a bicycle tour along the pathed paths dedicated for bikes and the opportunity to enjoy a kayak ride down the river. Within Park Hayarkon visitors are given the chance to enjoy physical activity, relaxation or even both!

blog_yarkon_parkPhoto by: Deanb~commonswiki

Nachalat Binyamin Market
Adjacent to Shuk Ha’Carmel and known as the setting of one of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhoods, Nachalat Binyamin Market gives vendors the chance to share their creativity with you. Every Tuesday and Friday, little tables are set up along Nachalat Binyamin St. in order to give visitors a look at why Israeli artists differ from those around the world. If not in the mood to spend money, this festival of arts and crafts provides all ages with a chance to people watch and enjoy some entertainment! Fortune tellers, clowns, and street performers plant themselves throughout the market to keep the environment vibrant and unique.

blog_nachalat_binyaminPhoto by: Tamar Barneis

The Ayalon Institute
The Ayalon Institute, sometimes referred to as “The Bullet Factory” gives visitors a chance to learn about the grass roots organizations that helped found the State of Israel.  While baking bread above ground at this kibbutz, workers were making the ammunition necessary in the struggle for Israel. Fun and engaging, this museum is a must see for kids and adults alike!

blog_machon_ayalonPhoto by: Goldy L

Hatachana Train Station
Located on the border of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, the Hatachana Train station was the first train station ever built in the Middle East. It was abandoned and eventually reopened and used for entertainment in 2010. Enjoy shopping, cafe’s, restaurants, organic markets, and art galleries all day and night, while witnessing street performances every Saturday in the Center Stage at the station. Kids can enjoy an authentic train carriage ride with videos, lights, and sound effects that gives them a historic tour of the station.

 blog_hatachanaPhoto by: Orenvo5

What do you think of our recommendations? Feel free to comment below and add your own suggestions! We will be happy to share them too!

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