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The Neshama: Israel Yoga Retreat 2016 – A Soulful Adventure


What better way to experience an ancient and holy land than a yoga retreat tour in Israel? Inspired by this ancient practice’s health and mental benefits and the number of yoga enthusiasts planning to vacation in Israel, Puzzle Israel and Rachelle Tratt of The Neshama Project partnered up to offer a 10-day soulful adventure and Israeli yoga vacation in the country’s most beautiful locations.

We met Rachelle during her first Nehsama: Yoga Retreat to Israel with Puzzle Israel in June 2014, and she told us a bit about herself, The Neshama Project, and her plans for our affordable yoga retreat in Israel, set to depart on March 17, 2016

neshama 2aMeet Our Yoga Retreat Leader, Rachelle:

Rachelle lives in LA, but she’s visited Israel many times over the past five years: as part of Birthright youth group trips and also to focus on developing The Neshama Project, her socially conscious jewelry company. Now she’s returning with her yoga moves.

When Rachelle attended her first class eight years ago, she immediately felt at peace and at home moving through the various yoga postures. She intuitively knew that the practice would be a prominent element in her life’s journey. Yoga’s benefits, along with her personal triumphs over life’s adversities, enable her to teach from a place of compassion and understanding.

Rachelle believes yoga to be all about creating peace in the mind, body and heart:

“When we align our body physically, there is more room to be aligned mentally and emotionally. Yoga teaches us how to be more present with our bodies and our surroundings.”


The Israel Connection

Rachelle has a special connection to Israel, which began even before she was born – her parents met and fell in love on a Kibbutz in 1973. As a girl, Rachelle always knew that Israel would become a big part of her life, especially after her mom’s passing when Rachelle was only nine.

“My first trip here was in honor of her, with intentions of following her footsteps. Now, I have been able to create my own love story with the land, and create meaningful ways to share it with others.”

Rachelle’s connection to Israel has a tremendous influence on her business, The Neshama Project.

“When I was given a special blue ‘hamsa’ from an Israeli yoga student over five years ago, I intuitively knew that one day I would share it with the world. Every day, someone would comment on the necklace, and it became a conversation starter for something greater. It became a way of sharing my story, my connection to Israel, my outlook on overcoming love and loss, and my desire to share principles of yoga and mindful living with others.”

Rachelle wanted her treasured momento to be more than a product, so she found a way to give back and inspire others with jewelry by partnering with Innovation Africa. Now, 10% of The Neshama Project’s purchases support this organization, which brings Israeli technology to African villages.

Why Yoga in Israel:

Rachelle chose Israel for the location of her yoga retreats because she sees this country as the spiritual mecca for all walks of life:

“Israel is rich with culture, politics, varying ideologies, and a contagious spirit that exists among its people. There are many yoga retreat vacations around the world, but no one travels to Israel.”

neshama 4a

She added that the uniqueness of this Israel yoga Tours comes along with an added experience of volunteering and giving back while traveling.

“This is what we call a ‘soulful adventure,’ and I hope to continue to share this special place with people, and make Israel a meaningful destination to travel to.”

And yoga fitness isn’t just for those who are visiting Israel. Rachelle recommends that Israelis join the Neshama:Israel journey as well, taking a few days to practice yoga in the holy land with people from all over the world.

“Take this as an opportunity to re-open your eyes to the beautiful country that you live in. Sometimes all it takes is taking a few days to step outside of your routine in order to find the magic of life again.”

haifa bahai

For more information about this relaxing and adventurous yoga retreat click HERE or contact us.

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