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Holy Land Destinations with Tour Guides in Israel

Tour Guides in Israel

Every year, thousands of tourists visit the hottest Israeli destinations with the very best tour guides in Israel. Chances are, most of those tourists will tell you that using tour guides in Israel is the best way to get the best insider knowledge, the highest priority access, and the most personal touch to every experience. When it comes to planning your Holy Land tours for 2017, be sure to plan your trip with visits to the best locations with the best guides. From Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem, to heritage and religious sites, to the far north and far south, Israel’s tour guides will make every destination fascinating. Here is some Israel travel advice for visiting the best Holy Land destinations from the top tour guides in Israel!

Jerusalem Tours

When it comes to Jerusalem tours, there are hundreds of different options to choose from. The key is having a guide who understands your interests and needs in order to custom fit a tour to you, your family or group. Jerusalem is made special by the hidden nooks and crannies that most tourists cannot get to alone. That’s why on Jerusalem tours, it is best to travel with an experienced guide who can make Jerusalem even more fascinating by sharing the stories that aren’t written in any travel books. For example, take a tour of the rooftops in Jerusalem, and hop from roof to roof while experiencing the most breathtaking views of the city. This tour is made especially beautiful when done near sunset, when the city is painted gold.

Tel Aviv Destinations

Travelling in the White City is one of the most fun experiences in Israel, made better by hearing the rich cultural history from an Israeli tour guide. Tel Aviv is a cultural hub, and has been since even before the State of Israel was established. The beautiful coastal city was home to some of the most talented poets, the most influential Zionists, and of course the very place where Israel’s independence was declared. Aside from all of that amazing history, Tel Aviv is also the city of the young and the young at heart, with growing and developing neighborhoods, home to the greatest food in Israel, and some of the most vibrant markets and chic shopping areas. Visiting any of these destinations with a tour guide can boost the experience and give an added bonus!

Off the Beaten Path Sites

If there is one thing that tour guides in Israel learn in their years of training, it’s the secret passageways and most beautiful corners of the country. Some of the best Israel travel advice is getting out of the city and away from the noise, and experiencing the country from the truly authentic places. When travelling alone, it is often difficult to find these off the beaten path places that give authentic experiences, but with an experienced guide, you will be able to immerse yourself in the true stories behind the amazing country of Israel.
When planning a trip with Puzzle Israel, we make sure to use only the very best tour guides in Israel, and we make sure to match each group or family to the most fitting guide possible. From the beginning of the planning process for your Holy Land tours for 2017, let us know what you like and dislike, what kind of sites you might be interested in seeing, and we will be sure to find the guide or guides to give you the very best experience possible!

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