How about an experience that gives your teen a new perspective on Jewish history and heritage and at the same time brings his/her passions to life?

Puzzle Israel's Summer Teen Tour offers your son or daughter an opportunity to develop new or existing interests; photography, culinary, cycling, or art. Before their arrival in Israel, each teen traveler will choose the specialty track he/she wishes to focus on.

    Whichever track they choose, the teen travelers will be encouraged to take their skills as far as they can – no limits! Each track will have a mentor and a team of specialists who will teach, advise, and encourage them as they embark on their journey.

 The teen travelers will be exposed to a variety of Israel's natural wonders – from the Judean Desert's vast landscapes to the lush green fields of the north, and everything in between.


Upcoming Summer Teen Tour Dates:

June 26th – July 16th



Week 1: Northern Israel

Welcome to Israel! Join your specialty group and start your Israeli adventure. Discover the delicious delicacies and natural beauty of the Golan Heights and Galilee Hills.

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Week 2: Central Israel

Continue building on the basic skills learned in Week 1; work in the fields of a local farm, meet with local musicians, and visit Israel's house of parliament – the Knesset.

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Week 3: Southern Israel

Tour Jerusalem and keep expanding the skills learned in weeks 1 and 2. Enjoy hiking, yoga, and a swim in the Dead Sea to recharge. Participate in navigation lessons, camel rides…

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Your teens will learn about their heritage, experience modern day Israeli culture, master new skills, fortify passions, and have fun in an exotic land. They'll grow and create alongside other enthusiastic travelers who share the same desire for adventure and self-exploration.



"What I liked – how you made everything interesting and how it all tied into history, food. You weren't just tour guides, you were friends."

Josh – Teen traveler Beth Avodah Teen Tour


"The guides were some of the nicest and smartest people. We went to amazing sites, and had a great variety of experiences. I felt safe and happy and healthy!"

Daniel – Teen traveler Beth Avodah Teen Tour


"My son enjoyed so much about the trip – the beautiful land and sea, the history, the camaraderie, etc. He raved about you, Guy, and Shachar! He took in so much."

Sara – Mother of Teen Traveler Beth Avodah Teen Tour

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2. Provide you with more details about the teen tour.
3. Take care of the details and bookings – and make your teen's dream come true!
4. Pick your teen up at the airport for the beginning of his/her adventure in Israel!

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Here's a chance to give your teen the ultimate summer experience – a unique combination of opportunities; discovering a fascinating country, developing new or existing interests, and meeting awesome people. We'll piece it all together into one unforgettable adventure.



Upcoming Summer Teen Tour Dates:

June 28th – July 18th




Why join the Puzzle Israel Teen Tour?
At Puzzle Israel we understand that every passion needs a suitable outlet. The Summer Teen Tour was crafted to provide such an outlet for a combination of passions; a desire to discover Israel, make new friends, and develop new or existing skills. Through our balanced and creative itinerary, each teen will be presented with endless unforgettable moments and encounters.
How old does my teen need to be in order to participate in the tour?
14-17 years old.
How long is the tour?
21 days and 21 nights. 
What is included and not included in the tour price?
The tuition for the tour DOES include: all accommodations, all meals, professional guiding and local transportation, all activity costs and entrance fees, as well as gratuity for different service providers. It DOES NOT include: international flights, personal spending, and 15 meals throughout the tour. Participants are required to bring a sufficient amount of money to cover the costs of the meals. (Meal costs breakdown can be found in the tour brochure in this link here.)
How many teen travelers will be in the tour group?
There will be 15-20 participants in the group.
Is it safe to travel in Israel?
Though it might come across differently in the media, Israel is considered an extremely safe country to visit and tour. In 2013, 3.5 million tourists came to Israel – an all-time record. During the full duration of the tour, the group will be accompanied by security personnel and a certified paramedic.
How can the teen travelers keep in touch with friends & family back home?
Our recommendation is that each traveler brings with him/her a smartphone that has non-limited internet service. There are many useful applications that require internet service such as Whatsapp (free messaging app) and Waze (GPS navigation app). If your personal phone services are too expensive to use in Israel, we recommend renting a smartphone for your teen which can be picked up and returned through us. Keep in mind that most accommodations provide free WiFi services. Travelers will easily be able to connect to their smartphone, ipad, or laptop.
What kind of food will my teen be eating? How does Puzzle accommodate dietary restrictions?
Puzzle Israel prides itself on providing a large variety of culinary options that allow everyone to find exactly what they like. Many meals during the tour are served buffet-style, full of vegetables and warm cooked dishes. The teen will be introduced to a healthy balanced and delicious diet. Most meals will be cooked by Nir Margalith and Guy Marom, Puzzle's co-founders and professional chefs. There will also be several interactive cooking workshops where the teens will experience field cooking. Please indicate on the registration forms if your teen has any dietary or health-related requirements. We will make the required adjustments to accommodate the traveler's needs.
Does my teen need to be in good physical shape to enjoy the Puzzle Teen Tour?
The Puzzle Summer Teen Tour is an active tour that will keep the teens busy and happy. There are no special physical requirements for joining the tour.
If my teen has been in Israel before with the family, will he/she be bored on the tour?
The Summer Teen Tour is built specially for the age group of the teens, and provides them with a well-planned itinerary. Through group activities and personal enrichment, the tour exposes them to a unique point of view of Israel, one that isn't always available on family tours.
Will my teen have any free time during the tour? Will he/she be able to visit local family members during the tour?
Yes, throughout the tour there will be several opportunities for the travelers to freely explore on their own. Teen travelers will be able to visit local family members, as long as he/she has a signed permission slip from a parent or guardian. We highly recommend that you add a few days prior of after the tour for these family visits.


About Puzzle Israel

Puzzle Israel specializes in 'off-the-beaten-path' tours in Israel. We have been operating for the past four years, successfully bringing groups, mainly from North America, to tour in Israel the 'Puzzle' way. The types of groups have been varied, ranging from families celebrating Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to Birthright extension trips and community tours.

Our goal is to allow all travelers traveling with Puzzle to enjoy the best of both worlds; combining their personal must-see sites while enjoying the expertise of a knowledgeable and professional staff. Each Puzzle tour is accompanied by a professional Puzzle crew member, giving the trip a more friendly and personal atmosphere, unlike the typical tour guide-group dynamics.

We pride ourselves on doing things differently and getting you the most from every moment. We're fueled by our love for Israel, backed by our vast knowledge and experience of the country, and motivated by spreading that love to you through unique tours and experiences.

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