You want to get in touch with the essence of Israel. And what better way to do that than with a yoga tour in Israel’s most magical locations:

yoga workshop_beach_1

  • Overlooking the Jordanian Red Mountains.
  • On the beach of the Dead Sea - the lowest place on earth!
  • Looking down on the colorful Jezreel Valley.
  • On the cliff above the vast Ramon Crater.


Tour and Enjoy Israel With a Yoga Twist

Find spirituality beyond the four corners of your mat.
Add wonderful yoga activities during your tailor made Israel tour with us 

Experience physical and spiritual growth while taking in Israel’s finest landscapes – the unique piece to your Israel puzzle you’ve been searching for!

Leading skilled yoga instructors will guide you through yoga poses and mindfulness meditation as you connect with yourself and the incredible environment.

Let the energy of these breathtaking sites fill you with vitality as you learn to incorporate the ancient practices of:


  • Yama (self-control)
  • Niyama (personal observance)
  • Asana (practice)
  • Pranayama (breathing)

                                                             - into your modern day life.


Adding yoga practices during your tour will leave you with meaningful friendships
and memories you will cherish forever.

Connect with Israel in a deep, spiritual way to find another piece of your Israel Puzzle.

Interested in adding yoga practices on your tailor made tour in Israel ? What To Do Now

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Then, we’ll

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3. Take care of all the details and bookings – and make your dreams come true.
4. Pick you up at the airport and check you into your first hotel to start the adventure.


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We all want to meet you and share our love for Israel! (Besides, we can’t let the guides have all the fun!)

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