At Puzzle Israel, we like to do things differently. You deserve more than the same ol’ Israel guided tours.

You deserve something special. See Israel from a new perspective as you interact with your surroundings through one of our Specialty Tours:

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Pick a puzzle piece you’re already passionate about or learn a new skill while exploring Israel’s magical landscapes: Whatever Specialty Tour is the piece to the Israel puzzle you’ve been looking for, one thing’s for sure: you (or your teen) will be immersed in Israel. You won’t just hear the history and see the land. You’ll feel it, as you’ll be accompanied by a vibrant, young, passionate, and professional tour guide who’s in love with Israel.

And you’ll get to experience Israel on a different level, interacting
with the terrain in a way most people never get to.

You’ll go where other tours don’t take you – to the real Israel.

Choose the Israel puzzle piece below
that excites you the most.


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