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Solving the Puzzle to Packing – Winter in Israel

So, your trip to Israel is a week away, and you keep checking the weather so that you can plan your packing. There’s one problem, though. In Tel Aviv, you see 60s and sunny, Jerusalem looks chilly, there’s snow in the Golan, and the south is cold at night. As much as you can’t wait to start your vacation in Israel, you don’t want to have to pack your entire wardrobe just to accommodate this “Israeli winter”. We get it. It truly is a puzzling season here. We’ve decided to help you out and give you the ultimate guide to packing for a winter trip to Israel.

The trick to being prepared for all conditions is layers. Be sure to bring short clothes that are suitable for wearing underneath longer clothes, yet are also nice to wear on their own. That means light tees, versatile sweaters, and a jacket. Since you will probably wear a jacket to the airport anyways, you don’t even have to pack it in a suitcase! Be sure that the longer clothes you bring are also appropriate for holy sites, and you are essentially killing two birds with one sweater!

For the north:
You will want long pants and a long shirt, and most likely a warm jacket too. We also recommend bringing a scarf and warm hat- it’s stylish and it will keep you warm!


For Tel Aviv and the Center:
Most days, it is relatively warm (50s and 60s Fahrenheit) and sunny. You might even be fine in a short sleeve shirt during the day. However, it does storm once every week or two, so your jacket will come in handy! Also, it can get chilly at night, so be sure any clothes you have for going out at night are warm enough.

For Jerusalem:
Since Jerusalem is in the hills, it does get cold in the winter. Legitimately cold, not just Israeli standard cold. It can even snow! You will want to wear long clothes and have a warm jacket, and probably that stylish scarf and hat you used in the north.
At the holy sites (such as the Wailing Wall), women can wear pants or a dress that cover the knees, and if you are warm enough to walk around with short sleeves, don’t forget to bring along a scarf or light jacket to cover your shoulder and arms.


For the south:
The south is a bit tricky because the sun will fool you. While during the day it is pleasant and can get even relatively warm (60s Fahrenheit), as soon as the sun goes down it is very cold. We recommend packing some layers for your visit in the south, especially to places like the Bedouin tents, or any outdoor meals.

Other essentials:

  • You will want clothes that can get dirty for outdoor activities. Israel’s nature is wonderful and you should experience it from up close.
  • Comfortable shoes! You will definitely want to have shoes that you can walk around in all day. Feel free to bring another pair for a night out on the town, though!
  • Even though it’s winter, bring a swimsuit. You never know, it may be exceptionally warm in Tel Aviv, or you may want to take a float in the Dead Sea. It doesn’t weigh much and it never hurts to carry one just in case!


  • If you are into doing some sportive activities like running or cycling, don’t forget to pack your wintery gear, but keep in mind that you can get warm very fast during the activity so layers is the key here too!


  • And last but not least, two very important things you must not forget to pack – sunglasses and sunscreen!

Now get packing, we can’t wait to see you!

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