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3 Top Treats for Culinary Singles Trips to Israel

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Is traveling solo to Israel on your bucket list? Are you planning to go with your single friends for a gastronomic treat on a vacation in Israel? Whether you are the adventurous type wanting to take on one of the singles trips to Israel or a seasoned traveler living the life, going on a trip to this cultural melting pot will never disappoint. Being a destination of choice of diverse people and culture, Israel boasts of a unique cuisine and having said that, trips to Israel will never be complete without the culinary experience. Here is a list of what you can enjoy in your culinary tours in this enchanting country:

1. Specialty Tours for Culinary Singles Trips to Israel

Be mesmerized with the different aromas and dishes Israeli cuisine has to offer by including food trips in your itinerary. Whether you want to create a personalized tour complete with a chef to let you feast on a variety of regional specialties brought by Arabs, Druze, Jews and Bedouins or let culinary experts surprise you, booking for a specialty tour is the way to go during your Israel travel. While you are there, you might also want to try out other tours, such as, cycling, yoga and adventure to add spice to your Israel vacation.

2. World Class Israeli Wines

Even during the biblical times, wine has been served and shared in Jewish celebrations and households. With a minimum of 200 wineries in this part of the world, finding the perfect sparkling and vintage wines to complement the mouth-watering dishes of Israeli cuisine will be loads of fun and excitement. Moreover, you can enjoy a day in your Israel vacation and shop for cheese, beer, honey and hummus as you go on a historical and scenic tour in Galilee or any destination you fancy. Visitors on singles trips to Israel experience the same thing and this is also an opportune time to meet other well-minded singles.

3. Carmel Market in Tel Aviv

Where else can you find the freshest fruits and vegetables as well as fresh-baked bread during an Israel vacation but at the local market? You can include in your culinary tours a morning trip to the Shuk HaCarmel or Carmel Market so you can shop for food products and meats you can only find in the markets of Israel. Perhaps you and the other travelers on these singles trips to Israel can come together in the afternoon and enjoy cocktails while you serve the cheeses and bread you bought from the market, a great way to experience Israeli culture and way of life. Or the chef who accompanies you can take you to where you can find the best hummus in the city or the most delicious goat and cow cheeses you can ever taste.

Other adventures await you when you sign up for one of the singles trips to Israel. Not only will you get to discover the herbs and spices of Israeli cuisine and the exquisite taste of gastronomic fusion, but also, you can experience rich culture and history that have started more than 3,000 years ago. So, if you are mulling over a perfect destination for singles vacations, shouldn’t be Israel the place to be?

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