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Puzzle Israel – The True Family Israel Experience

Nir and Guy, the wonderful co-founders of Puzzle Israel, just returned from their eleventh trip in the United States, where they were out spreading the word about what Israel is today, in 2015, and more importantly, what Israel can be for each individual.

During each of their trips to the States, Nir and Guy try to create an experience similar to the experience they create here in Israel – warm and familial, through good food, great wine, and outstanding company. They were welcomed into ten private homes for Sunday football games, birthday parties, shabbat dinners, even Rosh Hashana and Sukkot intimate family and friends get-togethers. The families who welcomed them received a meal for their event, and also got to enjoy open conversation about the wonders waiting for them if they come on a custom tour to israel with Puzzle Israel.

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Along with meeting new families and congregations, Nir and Guy had the opportunity to meet former travellers. As we said, Puzzle Israel is a family, and you should always visit your family when you are in town.

For a month, Nir and Guy travelled from event to event, spreading the word about custom Israel experiences with Puzzle Israel, and opening doors for many future opportunities. From New York, to Philidelphia, to Miami, to San Diego, even to Tucson, where they had the priviledge of catering an event for a local synagogue with Israeli firefighters and paramedics, and all the way to Los Angeles, where they attended an Israel American Committee event, Nir and Guy got to experience and create experiences with diverse and beautiful communities. They made it clear that travelling to Israel with Puzzle Israel isn’t a once in a lifetime experience, rather the first in a lifetime of Israel experiences.

After a jam packed month of fun, Nir and Guy joined Puzzle’s American based partner, Deb, in Orlando, Florida for the URJ Biennial Conference. There, they had the amazing opportunity to reach out to more than 5000 of the Reform movement’s rabbis, cantors, and philanthropic leaders to tell them about the new way of experiencing Israel. As Deb shared, “I was struck by the youth, energy and optimism of the Reform movement. All people who are optimistic about the future of Judaism and Israel. We met rabbis, cantors, people involved in philanthropy, people involved in their communities and with Israel – and in general, all people who are and want to be engaged – not just passively, but actively – the way we do trip to israel – engaging and interactive – not passive travel.”

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Just as our Puzzle representatives were welcomed into homes and communities, Puzzle Israel welcomes every group with the same hospitality. Each group is accompanied by Israelis from all walks of life, providing both new perspectives of Israel, as well as life long friendships, and of course a good excuse to keep coming back to Israel.

blog_true family_6All in all, Nir and Guy experienced one of their most successful trips yet! Now it’s your turn to let Nir, Guy, and the rest of the Puzzle Israel family create your experience! For contact information to start planning your next trip now, click HERE. L’hitraot!

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