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Peace Through Yoga: Culinary Yoga Retreat in Israel

Yoga is the practice of total awareness of body and mind as one unit. Imagine the ability to combine spirituality, history, culture, international cuisine and a beautiful view of the endless hills of the north into the mix. Now, you can. Puzzle Israel is teaming up with Mindi Epstein, owner of Peace Through Yoga with three studios in Indiana, for a yoga and culinary retreat in Israel to dazzle the senses.

For Mindi, yoga was a part of cross training for her cycling. She quickly realized that yoga is so much more than just a workout. Yoga gave her a new level of awareness of her body that she had never had before. When a few years ago she became the owner of Peace Through Yoga, a leading group in international yoga trips, she realized the perfect location was Israel.


Mindi lived in Israel when she was in her 30s, working on archaeological digs around the country. She has a deep love for the cultures, past and present, and the rich history of Israel. The juxtaposition between ancient and modern and the meeting of different cultures in one place create an additional level of mindfulness in yoga. Peace Through Yoga had already sent trips in the past to Costa Rica, India, and Nicaragua, but never Israel. So, she became inspired to continue the tradition of Peace Through Yoga in a new location that she felt held the most spiritual significance – Israel travel combined with yoga and multi-cultural cuisine.

Puzzle Israel and Peace Through Yoga have created the perfect Israel travel experience. When people think of yoga destinations, they usually don’t think of a visit to Israel, and when people think of Israel travel and adventure tourism, they don’t necessarily think of yoga retreats. The Puzzle Team and Mindi see it differently. Israel is the yoga destination.

So what is this yoga retreat going to look like? The trip is six days, October 30-November 5. The trip will also have a culinary focus, giving participants an additional way to be aware of their bodies. This trip is also an opportunity to visit Israel in a more unique and off-the-beaten-track kind of way as it will also focus on the spirituality, history, nature, and culture of this wonderful country. This is the essence of adventure tourism and a wonderful way to experience a special Israel vacation!


Peace Through Yoga’s Israel retreat is open to men and women alike, and not intended only for yogis. Participants will have the amazing opportunity to do yoga in the Galilee, Tsfat, Magdala, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The variety of locations will provide each yogi the opportunity to connect with the different cultures and histories of each place. The itinerary also includes plenty of unscheduled time, giving everyone time for self reflection, shopping, or just sitting by the beach.

As I see it, the peace in Peace Through Yoga gains a whole new meaning in Israel. As Mindi so beautifully said,

“Change is made one person at a time. Peace comes first from within, and then can
be spread to others.”

Come find your inner peace and spirituality with our wonderful yoga retreat in Israel!

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