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Even though Israel is a small country, the sites to see and stories to hear are nearly endless. There is no doubt that the guide books tell great stories about some of the major sites all over the country, but when it comes to getting to know the authentic Israel, the guide books don’t always have the true insider knowledge that experienced Israel tour guides have. Israel tour guides are trained for two years, travelling around Israel and learning the significance of every inch of the country, with the ultimate goal of relaying their knowledge and love for Israel to tourists. So, when planning tours to Israel for 2017, it is best to check out options with Israel tour guides who will make the experience authentic.

Small group tours to Israel with Israel tour guides

One of the best thing about Israel tour guides is their ability to connect to every tourist on a high level, and make every site interesting for everyone. When it comes to small group tours to Israel, it can be hard to satisfy everyone. However, with a guide who knows each of the members of a small group, whether it be one large family, a group of families, or otherwise, it can be easy to help each group member relate to the history and heritage of different sites. When small group tours to Israel include children that are younger and active, it is important to have a guide that can keep up and keep things interesting.

Biblical Israel tours with Israel tour guides

Biblical Israel tours are common for a good reason – Israel’s biblical history is rich and fascinating. However, in many cases tourists only hit the major biblical sites and don’t have access or knowledge of smaller or more secluded sites. With Israel tour guides, there is almost no door that cannot be opened and no story that cannot be told. Having a guide to make the stories of the Bible come alive in the places where the stories took place is a truly special experience.

Finding the best guide for you

Finding Israel tour guides that meet all of your group’s needs can be difficult. In order to ensure that the guide you are using will be right for your family, it is often beneficial to have your tour provider line up a guide for you based on your group’s interests. That is one of the reasons why it is so important to be open and honest about the wants and needs of each traveller when the planning process begins, so that expectations can be met and near perfect matches can be made between guide and group. After all, the connection between guides and tourists is strong and special, and made to last for a long time. If the connection is good between a guide and his or her group, then experiencing Israel is made even better!

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