You can do just that when you support the Lone Soldier Maslool Project.

You’ll be supporting soldiers who left everything behind
– their country, family, and friends –
to fight on the front lines in Israel
and make the world a better place for everyone.

And unlike Israeli soldiers who have their families in Israel to visit on weekends,
these Lone Soldiers are – as their name describes – alone. Very alone.
They gave up 3 years of their life knowing they would have no one to visit in between deployments.

Now, you have the opportunity to help them
have an amazing life after their service.

Any donation you make today will go to the . . .

Lone Soldier Seminar Program

Is an 8-day seminar that Lone Soldiers can attend after their service where they’ll

lone soldiers_2_circle-min

Build a support group of friends (so they’ll no longer be alone).

lone soldiers_3_circle-min

Become mentally prepared for life after service (and the job hunt).


Learn about all parts of Israel (and decide where they want to live).

lone soldiers_4_circle-min

Master the art of the Israeli job interview (and learn Hebrew business lingo).

lone soldiers_6_circle-min

Meet with a potential employer everyday (~85% chance they’ll leave with a job/internship).

lone soldiers_5_circle-min

Ongoing support in case they don’t acquire a job during the seminar.


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