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Kapap Street Fight: Connecting Israeli Heritage with Self Defense

Together with Puzzle Israel and Yaki & Roy enjoy a glimpse into the world of a unique form of martial arts developed in Israel known as Kapap Street Fight, practiced also by the Israeli Defense Forces

Yaki Oved’s 37 years of experience in Israel’s Police Special Forces and the Mossad fighting the war on terror and drugs in the world certainly prepared him for his job today. Roy Faiga’s childhood growing up with his father, who developed martial art form shai-hun, together with Yaki, certainly prepared him to partner with Yaki and develop Kapap Street Fight. Not to mention their love of Israel and Israeli heritage. Puzzle Israel is proud to be working with Yaki and Roy to teach Kapap street fight to our travelers, as a new and exciting way to connect to Israel’s unique culture and history!

Yaki and Roy at a Glance

Yaki spent 37 years trying to get drugs off the streets and fighting terror all over the world. Yaki even served as a personal bodyguard for the one and only Sylvester Stallone when he was filming Rambo 3 in Israel! Aside from fun assignments in Israel during his years on the job, Yaki was on assignment with the Israeli government outside of Israel, and spent six years in the Far East. While in the the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan, Yaki was exposed to new and invigorating forms of martial arts, making his love for the beautiful sport and tradition grow even deeper. When he returned to Israel, he partnered with his childhood friend, Roy Faiga, to develop a new form of martial arts called kapap street fight. Roy grew up learning shi-heun, a form of martial arts that his father developed. Roy’s father was the first to bring karate to Israel in 1960, and from there helped develop the study of all martial arts in Israel. He then combined karate, judo and jiu-jitsu create a new form of combined martial arts called shi-heun. Roy served as a soldier and officer in IDF special forces, continuing to utilize his skills in the martial arts, and today Roy is the shi-heun master in Israel, and continues to teach martial arts at Wingate Sports Institute. Yaki and Roy took all of their knowledge and experience and combined it all to create kapap street fight. Kapap is a form of self defense that uses sticks, and knives in classic street fighting.

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Yaki as a personal bodyguard for Sylvester Stallone when he was filming Rambo 3 in Israel

What Makes Kapap Street Fight Special?

blog_kapap street fight_2-minThis unique form of martial arts , when taught by Yaki and Roy, is so much more than just a physical form of street fighting. Yaki and Roy based the tactics of kapap on biblical history, showing the deep roots of the art of street fighting right here in Israel. For example, Gidon the judge, who organized 10,000 Israelites to defeat their enemies, used certain social tactics to choose the best men, based on who protected their weapon. Gidon also used the tactic that is used today in the IDF and other militaries of replicating the enemy’s territory into one’s own territory in order to prepare his men as efficiently as possible. Gidon also trained his men in warfare with sticks, knives, free hand tactics used today in kapap street fight. Kapap street fight is more than just a combat tactic, it is a state of mind, an awareness of surroundings, and a knowledge of how to deal with modern challenges in a historic way. The special techniques of kapap street fight are taught not only to civilians, but also to Israel’s security forces and special forces.

Kapap Street Fight and Puzzle Israel

Kapap street fight has succeeded in showing a new and different side of Israel’s history, taking from Israel’s biblical history ancient war tactics and weapons, and combining them with modern day military and police tactics to create a comprehensive and exciting form of martial arts. Just as Puzzle Israel’s travelers come in all shapes and sizes, so do the lessons and workshops taught by Yaki and Roy.

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Lessons and workshops taught by Yaki and Roy

The main goal is to show travelers a new side of Israel, whether it be through a physical exercise for a more active family, or through a demonstration for small children or elderly travelers.

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