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Tips on Jewish singles trip to Israel

Experienced the Jewish singles trip to Israel

You have been planning this Israel vacation for years but now it’s only a week away. You can’t remember the last time you got away from work or your boyfriend but now it’s different, you are single, you are a Jew and your Jewish best friends want you to visit your homeland. They have been planning it for you and for themselves too and now it’s just a week away and you can almost smell it. You are intrigued and amazed. You haven’t felt this way in a long time. You are supposed to make the travel plan, it’s important for that home guided travel that you booked weeks ago. You don’t know where to begin, maybe Nazareth (the birth place of Jesus), or Tiberius (your parents told you that’s your ancestral home) or maybe the famous old and new Jerusalem, or the Dead sea, or Massada or Bethlehem. You can’t seem to make a decision on your guided tour to Israel.

Follow these tips for the best experience.

Tip No. 1: Go for a well experienced and professional tour guide for your Jewish singles trip to Israel

There is nothing that can disappoint you more in a trip you are meant to enjoy than getting lost in the middle of nowhere or wanting to visit an Oasis in the mid of a desert but no one has got the direction. To avoid such frustrations, go for an interpersonal, well-experienced tour guide who will ensure that your Jewish singles trip to Israel will be one unforgettable trip.

Tip No 2: Go for a relaxed and comfy ride

Your Jewish singles trip to Israel must not make you get to your destination feeling all tired and worn out and like all you want to do is take a long bath and a nap. No. Go for a spacious ride that will accommodate you and your friends comfortably. Ensure that the ride is fully air conditioned to avoid the wrath of the desert temperatures in Israel. Moreover ensure that the ride is dust proof and that the windows are transparent as you don’t want to miss any bit of this lifetime experience. Cutting through Jerusalem and Tiberius to Tel Aviv is no easy journey. The ride will make it much better.

Tip No 3: Plan your trip to befit your pockets

You don’t want to be all paranoid during that Jewish singles trip to Israel trip as you have used your savings to the last dime. It’s not worth it. Plan your trip to fit the size of your pocket especially when you’re on culinary tours that could get you spending a lot to taste food along the streets or in restaurants. You and your friends can enjoy a one city tour visiting all the nicest places. Jerusalem in this case would be an awesome choice. To ensure that you can budget your finances well, consider having the travel packages offered by guided tours Israel companies.

Make your Jewish singles trip to Israel vacation a life changing experience!

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