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Jerusalem Tours — Awe-Inspiring Landmarks to Explore in a Holy City

Getting Inspired with Jerusalem Tours

In planning a trip to a country rich in history and culture like Israel, it’s best to have an idea of what to expect. Jerusalem tours have a myriad of choices, from biblical study tours to pilgrimage tours which can be overwhelming if you are not prepared for them. Good thing there is a tour operator that can take care of the itinerary and give you and your group the best Israel tours.

Making the Most of Your Jerusalem Tours

Even if you’re booked with a tour plan, it is always better to know a little more about the places to visit even before your trip so as not to leave you clueless. Your knowledge of the places will give you the chance to explore the city on your own without getting lost after the tours especially during dinner time. Or perhaps you will be attending a bar mitzvah in Israel and plan to roam the city during the day; a tad of information will take you a long way.

Famous Landmarks

  • Mount of Olives. For your Israel tours, Jerusalem is the ideal place where you should center your trip. Whether you have been in Jerusalem tours several times, each experience is different especially when you’re booked with a tour company specializing in providing unique experiences. If this is your first time to do so, make sure to visit the Mount of Olives. Enjoy a panoramic view and see the Temple Mount, the garden of Gethsemane and other tourist attractions. It is also a hub since many places of interest are nearby. This tranquil place is where Jesus walked and prayed so if you are a Christian, being here gives you some kind of nostalgia.
  • The Old City. Although regular Jerusalem tours may not include this destination, better not let the chance of exploring this site slip by. Or better yet, book your trip with a company who are experts on Israel’s off-the-beaten path. Ancient architecture, narrow alleys, towering stone walls, flea market, people and glorious history are not all you will experience in this magical city of Jerusalem. Here, you can discover different cultures and visit archaeological sites from all the four quarters: Armenian, Jewish, Moslem and Christian. This 220-acre land has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage site and surrounded by 16th century Ottoman walls. There are 11 gates to the Old City and seven of these are accessible to visitors. Pilgrimage tours can include “The Way of the Cross” where Christian devotees can walk the paths where Jesus was believed to have carried the cross. Spend a day on a classic Old City tour.
  • Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. Jerusalem tours can also include a guided tour to this memorial built to remember the victims of the Holocaust. Established in 1953, this site is situated in the Mount Herlz in the Mount of Remembrance and one of the must-see attractions in the Museum Complex. This memorial and museum rests in a 45-acre campus which houses indoor museums, outdoor monuments, gardens, sculptures and research and educational centers. Located mainly underground, this 4,200 square meter site also has a 180 meter long linear structure that ends at The Hall of Names and continues to the view of Jerusalem.

Israel tours are indeed full of discoveries and awe inspiring attractions tourists, locals and foreigners alike, will enjoy and treasure for the rest of their lives.



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