Well, you’re in luck. With Israeli Kitchen Encounters, you can experience Israeli culture in the
most intimate of ways – through your palate.

We, the Puzzle Israel team, can indulge you in your city in two ways:


With friends, family, and neighbours at a community event.


With an intimate get-together in your very own kitchen!

Several times a year, Puzzle Israel’s co-founders and our very own Israeli chefs Nir Margalith and Guy Marom make trips to North and South America to spread Israeli culture through mouth-watering delicacies.

(Reach out if you want us to come to Europe or Australia!)

Our culinary tours experts partner with local restaurants and venues to host farm-to-table-style dinners for local synagogue communities – where members of the community come together to be WOW’ed as they delve into the taste and culture of Israel (and have fun while they’re doing it!)

Come together with your community on this culinary adventure.

Or, if you want something more intimate, Nir and Guy can come to your home
and cook just for your family and close friends

Get involved in the making of the meal of your choice.

Join Nir and Guy in the preparation so you can learn and recreate the magic of Israel again and again. Or, sit back and relax as they cook, sing, and talk with you about the unique flavors of Middle Eastern dishes and Israeli boutique wines.


Most importantly, you’ll have fun.

Plan on spending a few hours with two energetic, fascinating, and fun-loving new friends – while eating delicious Israeli dishes originating from all across the ethnically rich – and diverse – land of Israel.

Schedule this once-in-a-lifetime experience and WOW your friends and family
with the skills you’ll learn and stories you’ll have to tell.



Interested? What to Do Now…

Check out the current Tour Schedule to find out where and when Nir and Guy will be during the next round of Israeli Kitchen Encounters.

Or schedule a time to chat to find the right special fit for YOUR Israeli Kitchen Encounter. We are always open to adding cities to our Israel Kitchen Encounters Tour, – so simply request that we add yours today!


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