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Visiting Great Places on Israel Vacation

Are you planning an Israel vacation this year? If you are into adventure travel and love hiking, February is the best month to go since the weather is cool and wild flowers and grass abound in the hills of Judea, Golan and Galilee. March, on the other hand, is a month of parties and festivities while April is a busy day for tourists joining Jerusalem tours for pilgrimage. Whichever month you intend to visit, there are places to go and activities to do. This is simply a destination for every type of traveler. Have you booked your tour yet? Let us give you a glimpse of the popular places you might want to explore.

Start your Israel vacation in the sites within Jerusalem

Tourists flock to Jerusalem during their tours to Israel and there are so many reasons you should experience this, too. This city epitomizes the religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism as the rich history and culture of this city have flourished from these three religions. Book a day tour of the Western Wall that also includes other sites where an Israel private tour guide can meet you and your group. This sacred Jewish site is one of the famous places of interest to visit on an Israel vacation. Relics, such as the Western stone can be seen at a subterranean passage that is above an underground. Learn more about the 4,000-year history of Jerusalem from the Tower of David, also known as the Jerusalem citadel. This museum can be found near the gate of the Jaffa entrance. If you wish, ask your guide about a tour to Church of the Holy Sepulchre which is the holiest Christian site in the world and said to be part of Calvary where Jesus was nailed to the cross and buried.

Head to the amazing sites outside Jerusalem

While on your Israel vacation, the perfect first stop after visiting Jerusalem is the mountain top in Jordan Valley – the Alexandrion or Sartaba, the pyramid-shaped mountain great for a short but strenuous hike. Or perhaps you want to go to Bethlehem where Jesus was born on a tour to the Judean Hills and be awed with other areas in the region such as the national park of Ein Gedi for a hike or Masada for a spectacular view of the Dead Sea. After a day of hiking and sightseeing, head to the Judean Hills wineries for a sip of some of the world’s highly prized wines. Another famous destination is the Israeli of Tiberias. Combine your love for nature with relaxation and water sports. With 30 hotels to choose from, just imagine the variety of options you have, from dining to extreme outdoor activities. Dip in the waters of Yardenit, said to be the baptism site of Jesus, along with other tourists and visit the tombs of the rabbis, a favorite destination of pilgrims.

Final Words

Whether you are planning a backpacking trip or looking to spend time with your family, an Israel vacation is the perfect choice. Here, you can explore the beauty of nature, discover your spirituality, enjoy outdoor activities and learn about a rich culture and history that can be traced back to the biblical times.

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