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Israel Travel Guide: Beat Boredom on Your Next Vacation to the Holy Land

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Are you planning a vacation in Israel? If you are like most travelers who turn to the internet to get information about their forthcoming trips, you will notice that an Israel travel guide is one full of touristy destinations, to say the least. But if you have already been flying to Israel for several times now for business or will be doing so for the first time with your family and are worrying of getting bored, there are several ways to avoid this feeling.

Here are some recommendations you might want to consider.

Have a tour that takes you beyond sightseeing.

 While it’s true that tours to Israel should include a day tour of Jerusalem for a pilgrimage and see history unfold that took centuries to make, there is more to the Holy Land than just historical and biblical tours. Why not book the specialty tours from a reliable tour operator? Turn what you have read from an Israel travel guide into reality by experiencing Israel. Taste authentic Israeli cuisine from the different cultures in the country and learn about how they are prepared with a culinary tour.

If you want to have a tour of Israel the unconventional way while enjoying a bike ride, take a cycling tour and see beautiful landscapes from north to south. If you are worried about your teens being bored, there are teen tours available that include culinary, art, photography and adventure. For younger children, take them to Kibbutz Nir David where they can see, interact and feed kangaroos all the way from the Down Under.

There are numerous activities you can enjoy. Ask your tour operator about specialty tours to experience Israel from a different perspective.

 Go on a guided tour to explore places you never knew existed.

 If you have been to the Mount Temple, Mount of Olives and visited Jerusalem, ask your Israel private tour guide about other recommendations. An experienced and knowledgeable tour guide will not only give you a detailed tour of the historical sites in Jerusalem but can arrange a tour for you to off-the-beaten-path destinations near Jerusalem. These tour guides know where the best spots to visit are and add it to your itinerary. They also know which of these places are closed and help arrange for your ticket reservations, if need be.

Read an Israel travel guide on how to feel like a local while vacationing.

 There is no better way to experience a country but through immersion. Yes, try travelling like a local and get in-depth facts about the Holy Land to experience how typical Israelis spend their days. Enjoy the after-dark scenes in Jerusalem’s market place, Mahane Yehuda, where cafes and pubs abound at night. Or you can go to Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus and Israel’s largest city. Start conversations with local vendors as you indulge in delicious street food in the Old city market. Also, drop by specialty shops and buy herbs and spices. Of course, don’t forget about learning few phrases in Hebrew and Arabic so you can communicate better with the locals from the internet and an Israel travel guide book.

Now that you have an idea on how to have a different kind of vacation in Israel, never again will you worry about how to make the most of your trip. With the help of an Israel travel guide and your tour operator, you can now look forward to a different kind of Israel experience.


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