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Israel Tours: Best Months to Visit the Holy Land for Every Type of Traveler

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You are planning to take on one of the Israel tours with your family but have not yet decided when. Almost any month of the year is good for a vacation in Israel, depending on what activities you plan to engage in. This famous tourist destination has two seasons: winter and summer. Although the former is not really without snow except in the Golan Heights, specifically, Mount Hermon, the months of late October to mid-March can range from cool to cold with rains. Conversely, the rest of the year is arid and can be from warm to hot.

Also, visitors who are taking Israel trips in the beginning of by the end of summer can experience occasional heat waves. To ensure your family tour fits your expectations, it’s best to book with a tour operator for your preferred package tour and know what months to go to the Holy Land. Read on this interesting information to help you get started:

Join other Christians who go on Israel tours to celebrate Christmas and Easter.

Apart from enjoying the cold weather in the months of December and January, there is nothing more memorable than spending a wonderful Christmas celebration in Bethlehem. Go on a Nativity tour and attend the Midnight Mass at the Church of the Nativity. Your tour operator can take care of your ticket reservations in advance.

During Easter, you can tour the Old City in Jerusalem where Christians celebrate Easter Sunday. For a Jewish trip to Israel with your family, you can also choose from one of the two special holidays in March to April for September to October. Head off to national parks and museums to learn more of the history and culture of Jewish people for the Passover or the Rosh Hashana. Be ready to save up for these trips, though, since peak seasons mean pricey hotel accommodations and air fares.

Enjoy the summer in July to August.

Are you in for more adventure? Book for off-the-beaten path tours and explore beyond Jerusalem. There are numerous tours offered for visitors, foreign and local, engaging in Israel tours. These months are also great for days at the beach where most people frolic in the beautiful beaches of Israel. Bathe in the Dead Sea and experience how it is to float in one of the most saline-rich bodies of water in world or enjoy a mud spa which is also said to have healing properties.

You can also drive to Tel Aviv and experience the festive night life of the city. However, be prepared to be in the midst of other tourists since these are the months when school is off in other parts of the world and students from universities go for Israel tours.

Experience the luscious greens of Israel in Spring time.

Starting from late March to May, the weather is warm and the surroundings quieter. This is also the perfect time to see flowers in bloom as they cover the hillsides in the countryside and migratory birds can be seen as they get away from the cold seasons in other countries.

Indeed, Israel tours can be enjoyed all-year-round. Whether you are gearing up for some adventure or needing some time to meditate and reflect on your life, your tour operator has the appropriate tour for you and your family.

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