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Israel Through a Lens: Specialty Photography Tours in Israel

Puzzle Israel’s latest partnership with Avi and Udi Goren will give travelers a new perspective on Israel – through the lens of a camera. Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes of Avi, Udi, and the amazing experience they are offering! 

Avi and Udi Goren have been a team for many years as father and son, but only recently did they decide to take that partnership to the next level and work together. Avi, a long time Israeli tour guide, and Udi, a professional photographer, have decided to team up with Puzzle Israel to offer a new and exciting specialty tour – photography tours in Israel! To combine the love for Israel’s history and views with the passion of photography is a new concept, and Puzzle Israel is excited to have the chance to offer this amazing experience together with Avi and Udi.

Father and son turned partners

blog_avi & udi_1-minblog_avi & udi_4-minAvi has been a tour guide in Israel for more than 20 years. Though guiding is his second profession, it is certainly his passion. Udi, his son, has been pursuing his passion of photography for a long time, from getting his BA in photography to working at National Geographic for a period of time. Though Avi and Udi had dreamed of partnering up and doing photography workshops combined with tourism here in Israel, the right time to do so never came around. That is, the right time never came around until Udi was giving a presentation of his photography experience of the Israel National Trail at a conference in the US, and met Deb, Puzzle Israel’s US based partner. Deb was intrigued by Udi’s unique passion and eye for the authentic beauty of Israel. Deb served as the perfect catalyst to get Avi and Udi’s partnership off the ground together with Puzzle Israel. Since Puzzle is an expert in logistics, and strives to offer different and authentic ways to experience Israel, all that was left was for Avi and Udi to bring their expertise and passion into the picture.

Why photography in Israel?

Israel is home to every landscape imaginable, from the green views in the Golan, to the colorful and special Negev desert, to ethnographic landscapes in Jerusalem and Haifa, to urban landscapes in Tel Aviv, and even underwater landscapes in Eilat. Therefore, in just a week or ten days, it is possible to not only experience varied and special cultures and places, but also capture moments and views of every type. When you look back on the photos you took afterwards, you won’t only be taken aback by the beauty of the shot, but by the history behind it. When asked about his favorite places to take pictures in Israel, Udi immediately knew his answer. The first on the list was the Old City in Jerusalem, because every time he goes there, he sees and experiences something different. The second on the list were the Eilat mountains, offering a landscape both unique in Israel and unique to Israel.blog_avi & udi_2-min

Eilat’s mountains special landscape 

blog_avi & udi_9-min

Interesting scenes in the Old City of Jerusalem

What’s the plan?

Together with Puzzle Israel, Avi and Udi will be offering a specialty set departure tour for photographers and beginners alike. The idea of the tour is to learn about Israel through the lens of a camera, offering a higher resolution, in every sense of the word, in understanding Israel. One thing that tour guides always say is not to take pictures until you have heard the story of a place. Luckily, Avi has all of the stories, and Udi can offer the best spots and situations to take pictures. This specialty tour can appeal to experienced photographers as well as beginners. Avi and Udi also give shorter tours and workshops, which can be fitting for a family looking to add a special touch to their trip. Udi has even given workshops on taking photos on a smartphone, so in some cases, a camera isn’t even needed!

blog_avi & udi_6-min

Discover Israel’s magical landscapes through the lens of the camera with Udi & Avi and Puzzle Israel

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