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I just wanted to let you know how happy Hillary, Becky and I were with Puzzle Israel! Just about everything went perfectly. The opportunity to meet, eat, learn and have great conversations with so many different people makes us want to turn around and head right back. Thank you so much for helping us arrange such a meaningful trip and we'll definitely do it again.
Mike Savitt
Family Tour
Rochelle and I want to compliment you and your company on the great efficiency and terrific planning. Our trip could not have been better. It was truly memorable. Thank you so very much!!!
Dr. Leon Brooks
Family Tour
Dear Nir, we finally made it home. I've been wanting to write to you forever! You made our trip absolutely unforgettable. I'm so grateful I got to meet you and spent those amazing days together. Seeing Israel through your eyes was illuminating. And I feel so privileged to have met your amazing friends that speak so clearly about the kind of person you are. Your land, specially Jerusalem, is the proof that we can coexist in peace. It's hope for the whole planet. I wish you and your family all the light and the love. And I hope we can get together soon, here, there, wherever!
Jocelyne Katz
Family Tour
We just want to thank you for giving us a lifetime of memories. It was more than just a tour. We loved the learning, the food, the wine and of course our greater love for israel and the amazing parts of this small country. I have been raving about your company!
Susan Smith
Family Tour
There are no words to express how amazing our experience was. I have been to Israel many times before for work, to visit family, on Federation missions and backpacking in my youth. I’ve travelled the country from North to South, but as I told you, I have never experienced Israel the way the Puzzle team organized this trip. For this I will be forever grateful. As you know it was my first trip to Israel with my Children. I went with highest of expectations as I not only wanted to re-experience the county I love so much, but I wanted to make sure that my children’s first experience to Israel was nothing less than amazing. It was important for me to give them the introduction to the country that I hope they will love, and identify with, for the rest of their lives. This trip went beyond my expectations. It was really an opportunity to see Israel from the point of view of Israelis. I think I mentioned this to you before, but I’ll say it again: Puzzle provided us not only with an Israel experience, but with an Israeli experience. Visiting places and doing activities that Israelis would do for leisure. For that, I think Puzzle has set itself apart from the competition. Well done. I also want to take a moment to thank you and all your staff. Didi and Marva were the most wonderful, kind and gracious hosts for us and our children to run around Israel with. To you and Guy and the whole road/cook staff that provided the most amazing meals in the middle of nowhere, a big thank you for making it such a magical and meaningful journey. The activities and the restaurants were all amazing and we can’t thank you enough.
Neil Bienstock
Family Tour
There are no words to describe how amazing our trip to Israel was in December due largely in part to a fabulous travel company named Puzzle Company. From the moment we arrived they took care of our every need and making sure that we were well attended to. We toured for a week all over Israel with a wonderful tour guide who really allowed us to explore and really feel what makes the country tick. From the beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv to the desert nights, we have never had more fun as we did on that memorable trip. Did I also mention that the Puzzle team are amazing chefs? when we were in the middle of the desert, they whipped up a gourmet meal fit for a king and queen. Starting with our knowledgeable tour guides to our wonderful bus driver everything was perfection. While at the Dead Sea, we were served a delicious meal completely prepared by the Puzzle Team. It was the best lunch we have ever had!!! I would highly recommend this company, not only for their expertise, but for the way they treat their clients and making them feel like “we are family”. No request is too big for the Puzzle team and they will always make sure that you are well taken care of. Run, don’t walk and book this amazing tour company for your next visit to Israel, you will not be disappointed.
Rina Hartman
Family Tour
With a deep desire to offer an out of the box trip, where no tour bus could take you, off the beaten path; my partners Nir and Guy from Puzzle Israel, were the the very foundation for making these dreams happen. They opened our minds and hearts to a very authentic taste of Israel and surprised us every step of the way. I couldn’t have asked for a more special group of ladies who trusted me and took a leap of faith by joining us on this wild ride. Each woman brought their own unique beauty and humor to the group, and the trip wouldn’t have been the same if one of them were missing. It felt like a group of friends traveling together. We danced everywhere that we went, we practiced yoga all around the country, we sang, we laughed so hard (you know that belly laughter that leaves your abs sore and leaves you close to peeing in your pants, well, yea that happened like every single day). We supported each other in ways that will leave us feeling connected for the rest of our lives. We made people smile everywhere that we went, and we brought that thing called ‘soul’ all over to Israel in a big way. Multiple times throughout every day, we had moments where we all just looked at each other in awe of where we were and what we were doing, like is this really happening?!?
Rachelle Tratt - Tour Leader
Neshama:Israel Yoga Retreat
I can’t imagine a more meaningful or magical trip than the one I took with Neshama retreats and Puzzle Israel. I haven’t laughed (or cried) that hard or eaten that well… Maybe ever. My body feels strong, my mind feels clear, and my heart and SOUL feel so so filled. Thank you Rachelle, Nir, Guy and everyone else that was a part of our Soulful Adventure. I am a better woman for it.
Jessica Bilson
Neshama:Israel Yoga Retreat
We wanted to express our appreciation and satisfaction with our recent trip to Israel by this testimonial. Our trip to Israel was outstanding. Diane and I believe that a good part of our amazing trip was due to the planning, organization, and customer care that was given to us by Puzzle Israel. We didn’t want to go on a conventional tour though we wanted to see specific historical sites and places. We gave our trip criteria to Puzzle Israel and they came back with a perfect itinerary. The food was wonderful and we fell in love with our tour guides. Whenever we had a question about anything Tamar and Anne were quick to answer us and we wouldn’t hesitate to use Puzzle Israel on our next trip to Israel and you can be assured that we will recommend you to all of our friends traveling to Israel. We accomplished our goals of seeing, tasting, and feeling Israel because of your meticulous attention to what we wanted and your professionalism. Thank You, Puzzle Israel!
Jim & Diane Kaufman
Private Couple Tour
Thank you for arranging a wonderful vacation for us. We loved the itinerary and the activities you planned. The guides (Tamar, Shakar, Yotam) were all wonderful with the kids. It was everything we were looking for.
Scott Gilbert
Family Tour
There are no words to thank you for helping us to piece together our family trip to Israel! We played, cooked, harvested, jumped, walked, hiked, laughed, ate, explored, learned, dug, relaxed, appreciated and really loved the entire experience with you!
Lisa Borden
Family Tour
I’ve lead several groups to Israel over the years and, to a certain extent, it was beginning to feel a bit like being on ‘auto-pilot’. You know: same places, same explanations, different congregants. Puzzle Israel woke me up: oh yeah, there’s some amazing and exciting things to do in Israel. On bicycles or donkeys or ATV’s or minibuses or horses. On kibbutz, moshav, in the city, in the boonies. Puzzle Israel captures the zest for living that is the Jewish State. I look forward to our next Israel trip in December 2015-16. Nir and Guy and the whole Puzzle Israel family gave us an extraordinary adventure that I shall never forget
Rabbi Keith – Tour Leader
Beth Avodah Teen Tour
I have been to Israel many times, but there is no better way to experience Israel than with Puzzle Israel. They are a team of dedicated people who care about the quality of time spent in Israel and show Israel with love, passion and a deep commitment to their work. If you want to experience Israel in an authentic way with people who know the country up close – go with Puzzle.
Rabbi Lisa Eiduson
Beth Avodah Community Teen Tour
We brought Nir and Guy for two cooking sessions at Texas Hillel, one for our pro-Israel group and one for the Hebrew classes at the university. The two events were a lot of fun – Nir and Guy were constantly engaging students (both in English and Hebrew…), were teaching them the secrets of cooking and really brought new side of Israel to them. they were also great to work with, very flexible and always smiling. I highly recommend to bring them to your Hillel or community!
Ayala Peer – Israel Programs Director at Texas Hillel
Israeli Kitchen Encounters
We recently spent an amazing two weeks in Israel under the care and guidance of the members of Puzzle. They designed a tour for our multi-generational family from Australia that was tremendous and will be an unforgettable experience for all of us. It gave us an opportunity to see Israel through young enthusiastic eyes while being given ample opportunity to appreciate sights of historical significance. All this mixed with excellent organization, good humor and wonderful food experiences because they knew we were into food. The barbecue evening in the Negev Desert was a personal highlight. Our son was ill for part of the time and the members of Puzzle went way above the call of duty to support us and help deal with this issue in a foreign land. If you want a unique travel experience and you are prepared to take the time to tell the members of Puzzle your likes and needs you can expect to experience Israel in a way that gives you memories to treasure forever. To Nir, Nikki, Guy, Tomer and Eyal and all the others who are building this unique company which aims to give tourists what they really want and not what they are expected to want – thank you thank you thank you.
Colin Touyz
Family Tour
My experience with Puzzle Israel was incredibly special. The staff and volunteers with Puzzle worked hard to make us feel, not like tourists, but Israelis. We were immersed in Israeli culture by living with host families, eating real homemade Israeli food, and meeting locals everywhere we went. I felt completely taken care of and yet still free to experience life in Israel on my own as if I was simply traveling with good friends. Nir, Nikki, Guy and the rest of the Puzzle Israel team left me with memories I will never forget.
Samantha Fazio
Karmiel–Misgav–Pittsburgh Partnership Birthright Extension Trip


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