Why travel in Israel?
How long should our trip in Israel be?
Is it safe to travel in Israel?
Can I choose not to have an Israeli stamp in my passport in case I plant to travel to countries that don't recognize Israel?
Do I need a visa to travel to Israel?
Can we visit the West Bank or Gaza when traveling in Israel? Can we visit Bethlehem?
Should I have insurance when I travel in Israel?
Do I need to receive any special vaccinations before my trip to Israel?
How can I keep healthy in Israel?
What is the weather like in Israel?
What shall I pack in my suitcase for my trip to Israel?
Can I keep in shape on a tour to Israel?
Phones and Internet
Will I need an adapter for my appliances in Israel?
Money Matters
Tipping in Israel
Are there enough attractions for children traveling in Israel?
Is Israel accessible for travelers with special needs?
Is everything closed on Shabbat in Israel?

What is the best way to see, taste, and experience Israel?

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