You want memories that’ll last a lifetime and a thrilling journey that’ll bring you closer together.
You don’t want to just ‘see the sites’ – you want to immerse yourselves in the beauty of Israel.

You and your family deserve special guided tours in Israel

Experience Israel Guided Tours With Us,
Your Puzzle Israel Family.

Filled with vibrant energy and fueled by a deep love for Israel, we make fun a priority and
bringing families together our mission. We’ll be with you every step of the way
– from the planning to the plane ride home (well, we won’t be on the plane).

Because you deserve more than the generic Israel guided tours other companies offer.
You deserve something special – something authentic. We’ll make sure
your family experiences Israel on a deeper level.
Our guided tours in Israel are an adventure you will never forget.

Your Family Tour Will Include

must-see-sites-touring israel

The “must-see” sites (with all the history and some added flare).


The “off-the-beaten-track” activities most families never get to experience.

Whether it’s through eating, cooking, culture, history, religion, spirituality, or adventure, there are several ways your family can come together with us during  our  tours designed specifically for your family. You get to choose exactly how you want your family tour to be designed.

Whatever Family Tour You’re Looking For,
We’ve Got the Perfect Piece for Your Israel Puzzle

We’ve got family tours in Israel for every want and desire
– for whatever piece of the Israel puzzle you’ve been searching for.

You just tell us what you want or dream of and we take care of all the details:


The transportation (from friendly horses to comfy cars).


Lodging (from wilderness camping to 5-star luxury hotels).


Additional puzzle piece possibilities (mix and match to create your family’s ideal trip!)


Cuisine (from famous restaurants to intimate meals in remote locations).


Excitement (the exact amount of adventure your family wants).


Photo Memories (We can arrange for a pro photographer to capture every special moment of your family tour- if you like).


Relaxation (beach time with a game of Matkot, the waters and healing mud of the Dead Sea, park strolls, spa treatments, and more).

We’re expert tour operators for Israel guided tours and accommodate all special requests.
(And we have access to – and personal connections with – all the best sites and activities!)

Whether you want to build your family tour around a special event, like



Your son or daughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah (enjoy unique Israel Bar Mitzvah tours). Also – check out our Set Departure Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tour below


Your big wedding day (imagine it unfolding at the Wailing Wall, an ancient synagogue, or in the middle of a forest).

Or you’re looking for some adventure (Israel tours with a personal touch):


A desert meal over a bonfire in the middle of nowhere


Hot air balloon rides


Helicopter or plane tours


Donkey races


Ethnic hospitality and an intimate dinner with a local host/family (Jewish, Moroccan, Circassian, Samaritan, Bedouin or Druze)


Kayaking in the Jordan River


Become an archaeologist for a day


Get lost in the caves the warriors from the Bar Kochba revolt hid in


Meet with local craftsmen and learn local skills


Tour Jerusalem’s Old City walls and rooftops


Taste wine and cheese on small farms and wineries


Pick your own vegetables for lunch, milk the cows, and feed the farm animals



Those are just some of the amazing and authentic guided tours in Israel you have to choose from!
Or maybe you just want to sit back, relax and take it all in. (Or a mix of all three!)

Whatever your perfect family tour looks like, we’ll infuse it with fun – both during and between
your visits to the famous historical sites and main cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa.

If you have family members with special needs, we can accommodate them too!

Most travel companies still lack the logistics necessary to do so. But we’ve invested in the equipment and
partnerships necessary for us to make tailor made tours in Israel suited for individual with any special needs. They’ll
get to experience everything you do: traveling abroad, nature, hiking, horseback riding, going to the beach, etc.

Read more about our Special In Israel Tours

Adventure Family Set Departure Tour

Join us and other families on a special adventure tour around Israel’s finest locations. This is also a wonderful opportunity to celebrating their son or daughter’s spiritual coming of age celebration in Israel. Whether at the Western Wall, in the ancient synagogue of Ein Gedi, or at the top of Masada; there is no unimaginable venue for your special event. We carefully crafted a flexible itinerary that can accommodate each family’s particular customs and traditions. Standing together and marking your child’s symbolic entrance into adulthood will surely be a powerful and unforgettable event.

Check out our next set departure tour dates or  Contact Us Now

What To Do Now

Decide what your dream Israel family tour is, and press the button below!

Then, we’ll

1. Chat with you and learn more about your family and what you’re looking for.
2. Send over a customized first draft itinerary – designed specifically for your family.
3. Work with you to revise the itinerary so it’s the perfect fit for your family.
4. Take care of all the details and bookings – and make your dreams come true.
5. Pick you up at the airport and check you into your first hotel to start the adventure.


 Do you have questions?

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And we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

At Puzzle Israel, we’re always ready to take your call
– before, during, or after your family tour (when you miss us and want to say “Hi”).

While you’re in Israel, we also make it a point to join you for some of your family tour.
So expect to meet more of the Puzzle Israel team than just your tour guide(s).
We all want to meet you and share our love for Israel! (Besides, we can’t let the guides have all the fun!)



You Just Show Up

Once you’re in Israel, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your loved ones. And when it’s time to go home, you’ll leave with

  •  Stories to tell the neighbors that’ll captivate and surprise.
  • Memories that’ll have your family smiling and laughing for decades.
  • Tastes and flavors you’ll never forget, prepared by our chefs and partner
    restaurants in Israel from the freshest farm ingredients.
  • And, of course, the deep knowledge of Israel you’ve always longed for.


Be the Family that does it Differently!

Let us create the perfect tour for your family – a trip to Israel that’ll fill in the
missing pieces of your family puzzle – the ones you’ve been searching for!

From our family to yours, we hope to see you soon!

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