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Why Should You Go On Escorted Biblical Israel Tours?

guided biblical israel tours

Whether you’re a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, or even if you’re not very religious, the biblical side of Israel will fascinate you and give you an understanding of why Israel is the “Holy Land”.

The holy sites in Israel have helped shape three of the largest religions in the world and on an in depth tour you’ll also learn more about the culture of the country, enjoy its unique and mouthwatering cuisine, and see breathtaking views along the way. The only question is should you see these places on your own or should you book guided biblical Israel tours with Puzzle Israel? Both of these options have their benefits, but here are a few reasons to go with the latter.

Reasons to Book Guided Biblical Tours With Puzzle Israel

There’s nothing wrong with organizing your own trip or going on a self-guided tour. But, in many cases, it’s better to have a professional team like ours by your side when planning biblical Israel tours. Puzzle Israel provides the very best guides with the most knowledge, making the tours so much more beneficial and fun.

For one thing, having a guide means that you’ll learn more about the sites you’ll visit. Tour guides in Israel have in-depth knowledge about the country and its history and culture, so no matter which religious sites you visit, they can give you detailed information about them. For example, if you visit Jerusalem with a guide, you won’t only see famous attractions in the city,you’ll also learn more about their history and how they came to hold religious significance.

Another benefit of guided biblical Israel tours is that you won’t have to organize the trip on your own. Puzzle Israel takes care of all the aspects of your trip (such as transportation, entrance fees to attractions, and even lunch) and will provide you with a professional guide. So, you can sit back, relax, and just enjoy your tour.

How Can You Plan the Best Escorted Biblical Israel Tours?

Before doing anything else, you, together with the Puzzle Israel team, need to determine which religious sites you want to see. If you’re a Christian, for example, you might want to book one of the Israel tours of the Holy Land for designed especially for Catholics, Orthodox or Evangelical Christians so you can see the Church of the Nativity, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Via Dolorosa, and other places that have been an important part of Christianity over the years. If you’re Jewish, you can opt for a tour that will let you visit sites that are important to Jews, such as the Western Wall, the Tomb of Maimonides, and Mount Meron.

Once you know which religious sites you want to visit during your biblical tour, let us know, and we will put together the best itinerary for you. We will also recommend additional sites and activities that we feel would be a good fit for you.

Puzzle Israel’s goal is to show travelers all sides of Israel, and one of the most prominent associations with this country is the holy aspect. Puzzle Israel is here to escort you in the entire process of planning and enjoying biblical Israel tours!

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