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Dream Destination Wedding: Simcha in Israel

Ever dream of a destination wedding? Some people dream of getting married on the beach in Cabo, but others have the big and wonderful dream of walking down the aisle in the holy land of Israel. Saying “I do” with Mount Gilboa or Masada in the background, and joining the many Jewish ancestors who also celebrated their love in Israel. Well, it’s not a dream anymore! Destination weddings in Israel just became the most attainable dream around with the help of Tanya Hakimian – Puzzle Israel’s wedding super woman.

Tanya – wife, mother, teacher, AND your best friend when it comes to planning a destination wedding or bar/bat mitzvah in Israel – does it all. From helping to find a venue and caterer, to dealing with all the vendors, to reviewing all contracts and agreements, to coordination on the day of the event, and even helping to cope with the Rabbinate and the receiving of a marriage license in Israel. 26 years in Israel have made Tanya the ideal Israeli to help break the language barrier and deal with anything and everything, allowing the bride and groom, or b’nai mitzvah, to just relax and enjoy the day. Having Tanya by your side and on the ground here in Israel is a stress saver, a time saver, and a money saver.

“Lean on a calm and creative thinker, and be able to just relax and enjoy on your perfect day.”

When asked what makes a destination wedding in Israel unique, Tanya answered very passionately. “First, it’s the Jewish land. In addition, the views in Israel are not attainable anywhere else. You can have everything, pool, beach, forest, hall…anything. Everything is kosher, and opportunity is so wide ranged that everyone can be satisfied.”

While Tanya is here to make the day special, the rest of the Puzzle Israel staff is here to make the stay in Israel special for all of the family and guests. Allow everyone not only to share in the bride and groom’s love for each other, but also in their love of Israel. By offering custom Israel tour packages before and after the big day, the bride and groom can help convey their passion for Israel to their guests.

blog_tanya_1Jenna and David Shersher, had their destination wedding in Israel in May, 2013 (photo: Liesl Diesel)

“Puzzle Israel can help with the tours and location, and I offer all the minute details, for the day of.”

Puzzle Israel, along with Tanya, are here to make your experience fit your vision. For more information on Amazing Simchas by Totally Tanya, visit her website.

For ideas on custom Israel tour packages for your honeymoon or guests, click here.

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