Puzzle Israel, fueled by our love for Israel, offers you and your family and friends
a variety of private daily tours, focusing on specific cities and sites from which you can choose from.

We are backed by our vast knowledge and experience of the country
and we are motivated by spreading that love to you
through unique daily tours, Israel immersion and unforgettable experiences.

We’ll show you all the historical and religious sites you want to see
– but with our fun twists and unique perspectives.

Select one of our daily tours that matches your interests,
and enjoy a perfect day with Puzzle Israel!

Just tell us which tour you want and we'll take care of all the details:

Jerusalem: City History
Explore the old & new city and enjoy a special & exciting ending on the rooftops of Jerusalem!
Departure: Jaffa Gate, Sundays 8 AM, return 5 PM

Jerusalem: Out of the Walls
Cruise the streets of the modern city, visit Yad Vashem, and learn about the Jewish world.
Departure: King David Hotel, Mondays 8 AM, return 5 PM

The Wonders of the Northern Shoreline & Mt. Carmel
Explore the ancient Roman city of Caesarea, drive up the scenic route to the top of Mt. Carmel and enjoy authentic Druze cuisine.
Departure: Entrance to TLV Savidor Train St, Tuesdays 6:30 AM, return 7 PM

The Hidden Jewels of the Judean Desert
Hike up Massada, visit the beautiful Ein Gedi Nature Reserve & oasis and float in the Dead Sea.
Departure: Entrance to TLV Savidor Train St, Wednesdays 6:30 AM, return 8 PM

The Wild Western Galilee
Visit the beautiful nature reserves, explore old crusader castles and hear all about the old harbor city of Acre.
Departure: Entrance to TLV Savidor Train St, Thursdays 6:30 AM, return 8 PM

Pricing for all tours (per participant)

Up to 6 participants 7-10 participants 10+ participants
Up to 10 hours $500 $450 $400
10+ hours $650 $600 $550

  • Min of 4 participants for each of our daily tours (Israel is best seen with old and new friends alike.)
  • All tours need to be booked in advance
  • Departure locations can be changed upon request
  • All tours are in English (but we can accommodate to another language upon request)
  • All  daily tours in Israel are guided by licensed tour guides


What To Do Now

Of the daily tours Israel has to offer, decide which one interests you most,
and press the button below!

Then, we’ll

1. Chat with you and learn more about what you’re looking for.
2. Send over a detailed itinerary for the chosen daily tours (Israel awaits!).
3. Set up the place and departure time for the tour
4. Take care of all the details and bookings – and make your dream day come true.
5. Meet up with you to begin the day adventure.


Do you have questions?

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You can send us an email to info@puzzleisrael.com

Or call us on our US number +1-8474366849

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And we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

At Puzzle Israel, we’re always ready to take your call
- before, during, or after your tour (when you miss us and want to say “Hi”).

While you’re in Israel, we make it a point to join you for some of your tour.
So expect to meet more of the Puzzle Israel team than just your tour guide(s) .
We all want to meet you and share our love for Israel! (Besides, we can’t let the guides have all the fun!)

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