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Capturing Your Special Moments in Israel


blog_maya_myers_5Maya Myers is an American-Israeli award winning lifestyle documentary photographer. She joined forces with Puzzle Israel to create a new type of Israel travel experience: a fully escorted journey, documented by a professional photographer and led in Israel by a young, creative staff.

Maya says:

“When celebrating a wedding or Bar and Bat Mitzvah, especially when experiencing it as part of a journey to Israel, it’s important to ensure that the special, never-to-be-repeated moments are captured in the best way possible.”

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Zoom In: Our Photographer’s Story

Maya was born in Israel to an American mother and Israeli father and moved with her family to the US at age 8. A photographer since age 16, she developed a successful career as a photographer before joining the Puzzle Israel team.
She’s documented many American families as they traveled to Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall for a Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremony. And Maya’s familiarity with each country’s traditions and cultures allows her the perspective to see through tourists’ eyes, but gives her the instincts to navigate the world they visit.

“I regard Israel as home,” Maya says. “But I still want to be based in the States. So instead of choosing one over the other, I enjoy them both by visiting Israel as much as I can. When doing this as part of my career, I enjoy it even more”.

Maya’s Work in a Snapshot

Maya’s job begins even before lift-off, documenting preparations at home, and it follows our travelers through their momentous journey, memorializing unforgettable landmarks and framing lasting memories.
This kind of intimacy between the photographer and the family cannot be achieved with just one or two meetings prior to the event. Maya spends time with each family she documents to learn the special characteristics of each individual. This gives her the closeness needed to capture those rare and wonderful moments.

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Maya does not have a formula for photographing an occasion:

“My access key is pure compassion, and I do not plan ahead (except for the technical details). So when I photograph a wedding, I go in as a “raw slate” and I place myself in the couple’s life. I listen to what’s happening and then I capture it. Many other wedding and event photographers use a formula but I photograph moments organically”.

Capturing an Insider’s Perspective

When Maya joins a family as their documentary photographer on an “Israeli Experience,” she steps into their private circle. Throughout the journey, her goal is to capture the magical experiences and emotions.

“Being photographed is a very intimate experience,” Maya explains. ”In order to be able to receive the best results, a family must feel comfortable with the photographer by getting to know her well and allowing her to be part of the family’s life.”

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Puzzle Israel is delighted to offer its travelers this upgraded and exclusive travel experience!

To learn more about the services Maya Myers and Puzzle Israel offer those planning a journey and/or a special event in Israel, contact us and we will be happy to answer any question you may have!

For more information about Maya Myers click HERE

Photos: Maya Myers

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