About Ben

He was brought up on a moshav (small rural community) on Zionist ideals and a passion for the land he was living on.
His army service was a challenging one, during one of the toughest periods of the 2nd Intifada.
Most of his service was spent in the Gaza Strip and The Territories.

He was characterized by his fellow comrades as a soldier with a high sense of morality who always cared about others.
Upon his discharge, Ben went to travel the world, as many Israeli soldiers do.
Though Ben’s approach to his travels was unique and different from his peers.
He wanted to experience things that are rarely experienced, to go places that are scarcely traveled
and see cultures that have not been “ruined” by tourism.

This yearning of his, made him partner up with his childhood friend while they were both traveling abroad,
and decide on a joint journey to cross Mongolia on horses.  A journey that not many travelers dare to take due to the
rough conditions and poorly mapped route.

Crossing through to Mongolia from China, Ben and his travel companion bought 3 horses (2 for riding one for luggage),
bought an English-Mongolian dictionary and sought out on their journey. They passed by villages every few days
and stocked up on basic food ingredients like flour, rice and sugar and moved on in their journey.

The journey which was completed successfully in 42 days was a meaningful one for Ben,
who summarized it in his journal with these words:

“It was a tough journey, it was fun, hot, cold, crossed valleys, through forests, drinking from streams, cooking on a bonfire, proceeding day after day, one km after km, fulfilling a dream. I feel I have matured, evolved, wizened up and learnt a lot on this journey. I am continuing the way I want and believe, my way. To fulfill my dreams, to fulfill myself and be happy”…

Two weeks prior to the beginning of the Second Lebanon War in 2006,
Ben was called into Reserve Army service. He and his friends entered Lebanon on Tu Be’av.

On the 9th of October 2006 at 1:30 pm, an anti-tank missile hit the house he and his friends were hiding in,
300 meters past the Israeli border, inside Lebanon. 8 soldiers were killed on the spot and 28 wounded.
Ben was among the badly wounded soldiers. The evacuation, which was tricky due to many factors,
took more than Ben could sustain. He took his last breath 5 hours approximately after the attack.

About the Garden

Ben’s Garden was built by his parents, in his memory.

It is a place of comfort where many of his friends and family come to connect with him when they feel the need.
It is a beautiful spot overlooking the amazing mountains of the Lower Galilee,
overlooking the land Ben loved so much.

His powerful words in which he summed up his last journey through Mongolia are carved on a big rock in the garden:

“I am continuing the way I want and believe in, my way. To fulfill my dreams, to fulfill myself and to be happy. “


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About Ben and Puzzle Israel

Guy Marom, one of Puzzle Israel’s co-founder was brought up in Koranit, a small community in the
Lower Galilee where Ben was from as well.
He fought alongside Ben in the Second Lebanon war and was part of this force which suffered the brutal attack.

After returning safely from the war and finding out about Ben’s death, Guy decided to follow in Ben’s footsteps
and sought out on the same journey through Mongolia which he knew was a meaningful one for Ben.
He went on this journey to honor Ben’s memory and throughout it he lit candles of remembrance for
his comrade which was there just the year before.

Guy took Ben’s final words of Ben’s journey
“I am continuing the way I want and believe in, my way. To fulfill my dreams, to fulfill myself and to be happy “,
as a way of life and with these words in his heart he founded Puzzle Israel, together with Nir Margalith,
which for him was a dream come true.

After 3 years of building Puzzle Israel together, Nir felt that the dream he and Guy have dreamed
has become a reality. Puzzle Israel was on its way – working, gaining more recognition from around
the world and was showing good vital signs!

Knowing his partner’s aspiration behind making the Puzzle Israel dream come true,
Nir decided to make a surprise for Guy and for Puzzle Israel’s 3 year anniversary and he
made the 1st edition of Puzzle Israel T-Shirts that all have one thing in common: symbols from
Guy’s trip through Mongolia, the one he went on after Ben fell in Lebanon.

Nir and Guy decided to make these T-Shirts available for sale on the Puzzle Israel shop for all of the
Puzzle Israel travelers and thus make the connection between Ben’s tragic death and Guy’s dream
coming to life with Puzzle Israel.

Puzzle Israel was founded with a social agenda and its heart and therefore it was decided
from the get-go that the profit made from selling the T-Shirts will be given as donations for
Puzzle Israel’s Lone Soldier Leadership Experience program, to assist lone soldiers to stay in Israel
after their army service is completed and fulfill their dream to build a meaningful life in Israel. .

May Ben Rest is Peace.


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