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Banana, peanuts and coconut cream popsicle recipe

On hot summer days, everyone dreams of a cool refreshing delight to ease the heat. Check out Nir & Guy’s homemade banana, peanuts and coconut cream popsicle recipe. Warning – make plenty because one popsicle is never enough!


5 bananas
1 can of coconut cream
100 gr crushed salty peanuts


blog_coconut-popsicle_2-compressor1. Peel the bananas and freeze them

2. Chill the coconut cream in the can in the fridge over night

3. After taking out the coconut cream from fridge, separate the cream from the liquid

4. Whip the coconut cream (like you would whip regular cream) until it becomes stable.

5. Grind the frozen bananas and add the cream and peanuts and continue grinding together until it becomes an even mix

6. Pour into disposable cups or a serving dish

7. Freeze for 4 hours and serve

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