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Israel Guided Tours – From Gush Dan to Eilat

Information About Israel Guided Tours

Planning a trip to Israel can seem daunting, and as such, many potential tourists will turn to large companies for organized trips to Israel. The problem with most of these organized trips to Israel is that they are impersonal and planned by a very specific formula with no wiggle room for the tourists. Some Israel guided tours, though, can be  personalized, custom made, hassle free, and perfect for you and your family! Israel family tours can be tailor made just for you, made easy to plan and execute. If it is important for you to have a tour to Israel that takes into consideration all your personal and family needs, then from Gush Dan to Eilat, and all the way up to Metula, personalized Israel guided tours are the way to go when planning your next trip.

The Benefits of Escorted Tours to Israel

Though “do-it-yourself” is a popular way to plan a trip, this is not always advisable when it comes to planning a trip to Israel. Most trips that tourists plan alone include the main locations, yet escorted tours to Israel, whether in an organised group or tailor-made, include all of the places you know of  as well as include places that you either never heard  about, or can’t get to on your own. While these trips are indeed with a guide, and sometimes, if you choose, with a group, they differ from the very large organized trips to Israel that only offer a specific “menu” of options for a large group with differing interests.

How to Plan Israel Family Tours

When it comes to planning a trip for your family, you want to make sure that your interests are the top priority of any Israel travel company. Wherever you would like to go in the country, or even if you have no idea what you would like to see, your provider should be able to give you a rough itinerary that will meet your interests after talking to you personally and communicating with you by email  and getting to know you. That is why the most important thing in planning any trip to Israel is being upfront about what you want to do, what you don’t want to do, and any other desires or aspirations you have for your trip. A good Israel travel company will know how to turn all of that information into a successful trip!

Which Organized Trips to Israel are Good?

Not all organized trips to Israel are necessarily  bad. Try to find trips that offer in the itineraries several options to choose from – for example parents activities, kids activities, adventure/active activities, etc. – this way, even though it is a large group, there is enough variety that everyone walks away happy. For example, Puzzle Israel’s Set Departure Tours. These trips are set itineraries and dates, though there are some options offered to fit everyone’s needs. Puzzle Israel’s organised tours and very different and more successful than the large organized trips that are a set schedule for each different  group that goes, and that depart no matter what – rain or shine.

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