Puzzle Israel presents fun, accessible, and passable solutions.

Accessible in Israel is a one-of-a-kind touring experience
for travelers with special needs.

Our tours offer a variety of unique destinations, creative logistical solutions,
and a crew of certified staff members who are specially trained to lead a mixed group of travelers.

Puzzle Israel has a unique insight to the needs of physically challenged travelers
and we have created a unique program which enables special needs travelers
to tour in Israel without limitations…

During the entire duration of your trip, you will have the benefit of accessible transportation and two experienced chaperones to escort the special needs traveler.

If the limitations include the need for a wheelchair, Puzzle Israel has at its disposal the use of specially designed wheelchairs which easily turn almost any site in the country to an accessible and passable destination!

Come and climb the famous snake path up to Masada, weave your way through the streets
and alleyways of the Old City in Jerusalem, enjoy the sea breeze on the Tel Aviv promenade,
explore the mesmerizing desert on specially marked trails, and discover the beauties of the Golan Heights!
Israel is a gold mine of natural and historical beauties just waiting to be explored by you!

Puzzle Israel provides full service travel arrangements;
accessible accommodations, professional tour guides,
experienced travel companions, and tailored dining services.

Read more HERE about Accessible Travel in Israel

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