Whether you’re planning your first or tenth trip to Israel,
you’re looking for more than the routine tours most companies offer.

You want to get beneath the surface. To ride horses by the Jordanian
mountains or cook traditional meals around a campfire in the Negev Desert.

To learn skills from local artisans or tour cities from the rooftops.
Perhaps kayaking and helicopter tours are more your fancy.

No matter the level of adventure that’s perfect for you, you’re part of
a mini society that has only` a few members –



Those willing to go where most never do


Those who don’t blindly accept the status quo


Those who want to learn the history and get in touch with the land and locals

You’re willing to be surprised and enthralled. To go home with stories that’ll open eyes and stir souls.
You want the best and nothing less – the missing piece to your Israel puzzle.
The puzzle piece you’ll only find by immersing yourself in the beauty of Israel.

That’s where we come in – your Puzzle Israel family.

Our Team

גיא מרום

יוזם, שותף ונשיא

ניר מרגלית

יוזם, שותף ומנכ"ל

דב לאסט זאלודה

מנהלת קשרי לקוחות במרכז-מערב ארה"ב

תמר ברניס

שיווק, ניהול אתר, תוכן ומדיה חברתית

בת חן שחורי

קשרי לקוחות

ענר הדר



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We pride ourselves on doing things differently and getting you
the most from every moment.

You Get to Choose Your Israel Puzzle Pieces

We can help you plan the perfect personalized trip for your family, community, or group of more than 8. Or we can
help you celebrate special occasions with wedding or Bar / Bat Mitzvah tours to Israel. We have a huge list of
experiences you can choose from when piecing together your Israel puzzle – and we accommodate various activity
levels all equally infused with fun and excitement.

Lastly, you can choose one of our carefully crafted specialty tours that’ll take you through Israel in original ways, from
our cycling culinary tour to a women's desert adventure to yoga overlooking majestic Israeli landscapes.

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