They will show you Israel the Puzzle Way…

Puzzle Israel Tour Guides – the Top Tour Guides in Israel

Javier Sternfeld

Puzzle Israel tour guide

Dor Pintel

Puzzle Israel tour guide

Noam Rumack

Tour Guide & Educator

Netanel Petrushka

Puzzle Israel tour guide

Yoav Biller

Puzzle Israel tour guide

Amit Greenfeld

Puzzle Israel tour guide

We pride ourselves on doing things differently and getting you
the most from every moment.

And we are proud to say that
the best tour guides in Israel are Puzzle Israel’s tour guides! 

You Get to Choose Your Israel Puzzle Pieces

Our very own Puzzle Israel tour guides can help you plan the perfect personalized trip for your family, congregation , or group of more than 8.
Or they can help you plan events for special occasions such as a wedding or Bar / Bat Mitzvah celebrations with the best tour guides in Israel.
We have a huge list of experiences you can choose from when piecing together your Israel puzzle – and we accommodate various activity
levels all equally infused with fun and excitement.

You can choose one of our carefully crafted specialty set departure tours that’ll take you through Israel in original ways, from
our cycling culinary tour to a women’s desert adventure to yoga overlooking majestic Israeli landscapes.

The Puzzle Israel tour guides have years of experience and are ready to provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience.
We are proud to say that our tour guides are the best tour guides in Israel! And one thing is for sure – they will make your adventure fun, exciting & unforgetable.

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