Making Lifelong Memories on Israel Family Tours

While some families opt to go on vacations to a coastal resort to relax or a European country to enjoy the cities, other families decide to make memories in a more interesting and exciting way on Israel family tours.

Israel family tours offer more than sitting on the beach, going on hikes, or going to museums. Family vacations to Israel offer the most fun activities with a meaningful history and unprecedented views, all while connecting to the beautiful Israeli culture and ultimately creating a stronger and deeper bond with your family. Whether you decide to go on  private guided tours in Israel, with only your family or with a group of families, parents, kids, and even grandparents are bound to find excitement at every turn! Check out some of the options for family trips to Israel in 2017!

Private guided tours in Israel for the whole family

One of the great things about private guided tours in Israel specific for families, is that your family’s wants and needs will be met perfectly, and the trip will be completely customized to fit your family’s personality. Israel tour guides are also wonderful with kids of all ages, from younger families to families with teenagers. No two families are exactly the same, and as such no two Israel family tours should look exactly the same. Each family should experience Israel in the way that will be most meaningful for that family, and not the way that seems the easiest for the collective. That’s why private guided tours in Israel are often a great option for those families looking for a unique and authentic experience.

Multi-generational Israel family tours

For younger generations, it can be extremely powerful to travel with grandparents to meaningful locations such as Israel. Having on Israel family tours three, sometimes even four generations together makes not only the history of the country come alive, but also the history of the family. This can make a lifelong impact on the younger generations of a family. Logistics for this type of trip aren’t easy, but with the right tour guides in Israel, there is no reason it cannot be done. There are many activities that are enjoyable for every generation, as well as opportunities to allow for the kids to do one thing while the adults do another.

Small group trips to Israel in 2021/22

In order to add another level of fun to Israel family tours, a number of families with common interests can group together. This allows for kids to create new bonds with kids from other families, and parents to enjoy some quality time with other adults and friends. If families are looking into trips to Israel in 2021, customised group vacations might be the best option because planning as a group can be easy and fun. This option is also often more cost efficient for those who are travelling on a budget.

At the end of the day, giving your family a unique and exciting experience in Israel is the best gift you could ever give them, even more than sunbathing on the beach in Mexico or riding a rollercoaster at some amusement park. Israel has something for everyone, and has the unique ability to create a truly strong family bond!

Chill Out! Top 5 Ice Creameries in Israel

If you are planning a trip to Israel this summer, be sure that your evenings will be filled with ice cream. Summer days in Israel are certainly warm to say the least, but it is all made better with that holy scoop of ice cream. Here is Puzzle Israel’s “scoop” on the top 5 ice creameries in Israel, from north to south!

The Galilee: Buza

Ice cream and personality never mixed better than at Buza. Buza, the first branch located in Ma’alot-Tarshicha in the Western Galilee, is run by two friends, Alaa and Adam, who happen to be an Arab and a Jew, showing that something as simple as ice cream can be a step toward peace. Buza uses the very best local ingredients in their ice cream, making the experience even more decadent. Buza also offers workshops in ice cream churning at their location on Kibbutz Sasa, so you can learn their wonderful secrets and make a creamy delight for yourself. Additional locations are in Tel Aviv and the Goma Junction. Click here for more information!

Tel Aviv: Anita

If you’ve ever been on a vacation to Israel and visited Tel Aviv, chances are you’ve either seen or tasted Anita’s ice cream. With a few locations around Tel Aviv from Sarona to Neve Tzedek, Anita is full of special flavors and ingredients, from chocolatey to salty to fruity. The atmosphere is fully Israeli, giving a truly authentic Israel travel experience.

Check out this link for the full scoop.

Jerusalem: Mousseline

Located in the heart of the Mahane Yehuda Market, Mousseline offers both atmosphere and the most unique flavors around. From grapefruit basil ice cream to sour cherry and more, there is almost no flavor that Mousseline isn’t able to make tasty. Orit, the owner, left the hi-tech industry to follow her true passion – ice cream. Just like an Israel vacation isn’t complete without a visit to Mahane Yehuda Market, a visit to the market isn’t complete without a taste of Mousseline ice cream. Here is their website.

Summer days in Israel are certainly warm to say the least, but it is all made better with that holy scoop of ice cream

Ashkelon: Jet Lek

Jet Lek’s mottos is “outside of the scoop ice cream”, and it truly does serve some out of this world things. Not only do they have special and cool flavors, they have true ice cream creations. With melting chocolate domes, homemade ice cream sandwiches, and hand dipped donuts, Jet Lek is an up and coming competitor in the Israeli ice cream scene. It is the perfect place to stop for a sweet treat and memorable experience on your way to visit the desert during your next Israel vacation. Check out the mouth watering pictures here!

The Arava: Yotvata

Yotvata is the true dairy champion in Israel, and their ice cream certainly speaks for their high quality. With simple flavors that will give you a taste of kibbutz life back in the day, Yotvata’s ice cream is a cold dessert in the hot desert.

Puzzle Israel is always looking to give our travellers a sweet taste of Israel, and the growing ice cream empire here will certainly create that amazing memory and keep you coming back for more!


Banana, peanuts and coconut cream popsicle recipe

On hot summer days, everyone dreams of a cool refreshing delight to ease the heat. Check out Nir & Guy’s homemade banana, peanuts and coconut cream popsicle recipe. Warning – make plenty because one popsicle is never enough!


5 bananas

1 can of coconut cream

100 gr crushed salty peanuts


  1. Peel the bananas and freeze them
  2. Chill the coconut cream in the can in the fridge over night
  3. After taking out the coconut cream from fridge, separate the cream from the liquid
  4. Whip the coconut cream (like you would whip regular cream) until it becomes stable.
  5. Grind the frozen bananas and add the cream and peanuts and continue grinding together until it becomes an even mix
  6. Pour into disposable cups or a serving dish
  7. Freeze for 4 hours and serve

Fall in Love with Israel on Guided Tours in Israel

One of the most wonderful things about Israel is the Israeli people. Israelis offer a unique perspective on their unique culture, and are not afraid to share their passions with those around them. That’s why the tour guides in Israel are so spectacular – they are passionate about their country and they share that passion with every tourist. Upon planning trips to Israel in 2017, it is certainly worth it to consider guided tours in Israel, so you can not only learn about the country, but you can also fall in love with Israel through the passionate culture and wonderful people. Here are the top three reasons that guided tours in Israel are the way to go when planning trips to Israel in 2021!

Tour guides in Israel are family oriented

On Israel family tours, it is very important to have a guide that knows how to get through to an audience of kids. Tour guides in Israel understand this importance, and as such they are experts on connecting to kids of all ages. A love for Israel and Israeli culture stems from the young generations, so a guide that knows how to impart that passion and love on the younger tourists is a successful guide. It is also no secret that Israel family tours can be difficult because it can be hard to find activities that are appealing and appropriate for all members of the family. Tour guides in Israel are highly aware of that fact, and are experts in making every site attractive to the whole family.

Guided tours in Israel can be customized

While large organized trips to Israel are usually “cookie cutter itineraries”, meaning they are the same for every group every trip. Guided tours in Israel, though, are put together by the guide and tour provider together with the group coming to Israel. That way, instead of getting a generic itinerary that won’t necessarily work for your specific group, you will get an itinerary that is fit to the interests of your group. Just as the tour can be customized, so can the tour guide. Tour guides in Israel fall on a wide spectrum of interests and specialties, so when planning customized guided tours in Israel, you can also find a tour guide in Israel that meets your interests and needs.

Touring with a guide will gain you special access

There are many places that lone tourists cannot go into in Israel. However, with trained tour guides in Israel, almost no doors are closed to tourists. Guided tours in Israel offer all of the activities that might not be listed in the guide books, because tour guides in Israel have all of the insider knowledge. Tour guides in Israel all go through intensive training for two years in order to gain the privilege to pass their knowledge and passion along to tourists, and along the way they learn about all of the hidden nooks and crannies and most beautiful corners of the country. When going on guided tours in Israel, tourists get the exclusive access to those places, as well. 

The Best Local Israel Food Tours

Israel has certainly become a hub for foodies. With such an up and coming culinary scene, Israel food tours have become the big thing in tourism. Learn more about the best local Israel food tours.

Local Israel food tours offer a variety of options – from tasting tours in different markets, to wineries and dairies, to the best chef workshops in the world, and any trip to Israel these days can become a real exciting Israel culinary tour.

What is so Special About Israel’s Culinary Aspects?

The Agriculture

The small country with a large portion of desert is a master in agriculture, so the delicious food that Israelis produce is also generally local.

The Variety of Cultures

Also, because Israel is a true melting pot, the culinary scene is one big fusion of taste, combining food traditions from all over the world. If you are planning to visit Israel and you are a foodie, or just love food, Israel food tours are just perfect for you.

The Best Local Restaurants

Israel’s growing restaurant scene has been written about and reviewed quite a bit lately. That’s probably because the restaurants in Israel are darn good. With locally sourced ingredients, the food is always fresh. Also, many chefs in Israel take inspiration from their childhood memories, so the food is often a fusion of old and new, traditional ethnic foods with a modern twist. The restaurant scenes in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are booming, and there are also quite a few gems in the north and the south that you might not expect. When planning your next trip to Israel or Israel food tour, be sure to make a few restaurant reservations. Check out the top 10 restaurants in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The Markets

One cannot visit Israel without visiting the amazing food markets in the country. It’s like having a farmer’s market every day of the week, yet even more special on a Friday morning when everyone is getting ready for the Shabbat feast. The colorful markets in Israel are a must for any Israel culinary tour and any trip to Israel in general because the food is amazing and the culture is even more amazing. From the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv to Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, the produce, sweets, nuts, and spices are unbeatable. Israel food tours in the markets are fun and exciting, and especially tasty!

Wineries and Dairies

Israeli wines and dairy are two specialties that Israel has gained bragging rights in. With award winning wine and dairy from the lush green north to the desert in the south, there are many Israel food tours that include tastings at the most unique and delicious wineries and dairies. Let the wine and cheese speak for themselves when you go on Israel food tours to these places.

The Salad Trail

One of the most unique culinary experiences in Israel is the Salad Trail. The Salad Trail is exactly what it sounds like, a trail that is lined with fresh produce that is grown along the trail. Is is like walking through the produce section of a grocery store, but everything is straight from the ground and nothing is off limits! Take this awesome tour and eat all along the way.

Orange Lentil Massabaha Recipe

Try out Nir & Guy’s delicious Orange Lentil Massabaha recipe- you can eat it on its own or add it as a sauce to many other dishes!

Ingredients for a meal for 6 people:

1 C lentils (best orange)

1 C quality Tahini

4 glasses of water

1 squeezed lemon juice

2 garlic cloves – chopped

1/4 tbs cumin

1/3 tbs salt

1/3 green spicy chilly – chopped


Cook lentils on small fire for 30 min-1 hr till they change color

Add all other ingredients and mix

Take off fire and serve hot.

Organized Trips to Israel for Teens and Young Adults

For many teens and young adults, going on tours in Israel is a life changing experience. Jewish Israel tours for teens and young adults help to shape both a Jewish identity as well as a relationship with Israel that lasts a lifetime.

There are many options out there for tours to Israel for teens and young adults, and many are organized trips to Israel. It is important to choose the right organized trip to Israel for you, so that you can enjoy Israel in a way that will have a lasting impression. Here are some of the best types of organized trips to Israel for teens and young adults!

Volunteer tours in Israel

Often times, Jewish young adults will do volunteer work in the US for different organizations. However, it is incredible substantial for every young adult to do volunteer work during tours in Israel. It gives a new perspective to the charity work done for Israel from abroad. There are many organized trips to Israel that offer volunteer opportunities, such as volunteer work on a kibbutz, volunteering with youth in danger or with Holocaust survivors . Think of it as an “alternative and meaningful spring break”!

Active tours in Israel

Teens and young adults are the perfect group for active tours in Israel. Israel has hundreds of hiking, rappelling, spelunking, and canyoning opportunities that are great for the young and brave. This is also a great way to discover the country from north to south, and to see the beautiful views and landscapes from vantage points that you won’t find anywhere else. Other types of active tours include cycling tours, yoga tours, and camping.

LGBT tours in Israel

Israel has a booming LGBT scene, with one of the largest pride parades in the world, and Tel Aviv as one of the gay-friendliest cities in the world. There are many organized trips to Israel that take groups to discover this vibrant scene. LGBT tours in Israel are a new way to enjoy a wonderful side of the culturally rich country.

Jewish teen and young adult tours in Israel

Jewish Israel tours are a great option for teens and young adults. Teens and young adults are at a point in life where they can and should be forming a Jewish identity and a relationship with Israel. Jewish Israel tours for teens are created to do just that – help show the many sides of Israel, from culture, to food, to religious sites, to beautiful nature, in order to help each teen and young adult form a well rounded and informed opinion. Also, spending time with other Jewish teens and young adults is a fun added bonus that will create lifelong friendships!


The Top 7 Reasons Why Israel Cycling Tours are Recommended

We’ve all heard about cycling tours in Italy, France, and Spain. Get ready to add Israel to the list of perfect cycling destinations. 

While there are many different ways to travel Israel, one of the most challenging and interesting ways to do so is on a bicycle. Israel cycling tours are different from cycling tours in any other country for so many reasons, here are the top seven according to Puzzle Israel and thier partners at Rent a Bike Israel!

You can cycle from north to south in entirety in just one week

Israel is jam packed with culture and history, but it is still a pretty small country geographically speaking. That fact makes it possible to cycle from Metula to Eilat in just seven days (or even less if you skip visiting sites along the way). It also means that you don’t need to take too long off of work or school to fit in Israel cycling tours, so it is a great option for short active vacations or breaks.

Photo: Ronen Chernyak 


You will pass through every type of landscape

From the north to the south, cycling routes pass through roads, meadows, mountains, valleys, desert, forests, cities, villages and more. The variety is endless so you will never get bored from the scenery as each moment will be new and exciting!

Photo: Ronen Chernyak 

Perfect weather throughout most of the year

The weather is almost always perfect all year round! The spring and autumn are just perfect for cycling and while the summers can get very hot, it is possible to cycle early in the morning and avoid the heat. The winter is mild and cool, with little rain. So while hard winters elsewhere in the world prevent cycling enthusiasts to venture outdoors, here in Israel you can just come and enjoy a lovely active winter break, cycling in great cool weather. That’s one of the most unique reasons of going on Israel cycling tours – you can come almost any time of year, and you don’t have to choose between the north or the south, the mountains or the valleys because you can have it all.

You can combine Israel cycling tours with Israel food tours

One of the best parts of Israeli culture is the culinary scene. After a day of cycling, you will surely be hungry. Instead of eating trail mix and energy bars, sit down to eat meals at the best restaurants in the country, or at special authentic Druze and Bedouin hospitality, enjoying local delicious homemade cuisine. If the day ends in a rural area without a restaurant, a countryside or desert picnic can be arranged. Don’t just cycle, cycle in style with the best foods and wines Israel has to offer when you combine Israel cycling tours with Israel food tours.

You don’t have to bring your bike, but you can

If you take a cycling tour that is an organized trip to Israel, bikes can actually be provided for you. There are bicycles of all kinds that can be rented, and logistical help can be provided on organized cycling trips to Israel. You can have a bicycle and a road team on Israel cycling tours which is a pretty sweet deal! If you do decide to bring you bike, many airlines that fly to Israel will allow you to check your bike at minimal cost. Your local bike shop will know the best way to package for air travel. Organized trips to Israel will take this into account when picking you up from the airport, too, so no need to worry about that.

Family members can enjoy other activities during the day

If you come to Israel for a cycling tour but your family doesn’t cycle, tours and activities can be arranged for them separately. While you are cycling, other members of the family can explore the area, participate in workshops, and enjoy touring by hiking, jeep rides and other exciting ways. Then in the evening, you can all meet at the accommodations, whether they be a five star hotel, a glamorous camp site, or a fun cabin.

Safety and comfort above all

Cycling on roads, especially in areas not familiar, can be a dangerous adventure. A cycling tour in Israel is accompanied by an escort car at all times, allowing the cyclists to cycle safely along the roads and not worry about getting lost. And best of all, when you get tired, you can just hope into the car for a rest.

There is no doubt that Israel has become one of the best locations in the world for cycling. When considering your next destination ride, keep the glorious landscapes of Israel in mind!

Sinia Salmon in Tahini and Herbs

Nir and Guy keep reinventing themselves, thinking and testing new recipes. This one was a GREAT HIT in the latest Israeli Kitchen Encounter tour in the US and we think your guests will love it for the Jewish New year or any other time! Let us know what they think about it!


  • A whole Salomon filet with the skin
  • Half a glass of olive oil
  • 2 lemons cut in slices
  • Fresh rosemary and thyme
  • Coarse salt
  • 5 sliced garlic cloves


  • Heat oven to 425 f
  • Place the lemon, salt, herbs and oil on a large baking dish
  • Place the salmon filet over everything with the skin facing up
  • Put in oven for 12-15 min
  • Take out of over and chill
  • Take off the skin and pour tahini (with beetroot or without) over the entire fish (cover it entirely)
  • Put in oven again for 10 min
  • Serve hot

Best 6 Locations to Have a Celebratory Meal in Jerusalem

You have decided to celebrate your son/daughter’s Mitzvah ceremony in the Holy City and now you are looking for a great place to have the celebratory meal? Well, search no further, here is Puzzle Israel’s recommended list of the best places for such an event!

Between The Arches

Looking for a high class restaurant to enjoy a celebratory brunch right after a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel without needing to drive anywhere? Between The Arches is just the place for you! This Kosher chef restaurant is located right by the Plaza of the Western Wall, in a special authentic Jerslamite building which was built in the 13th century, giving the place a unique feel.

The owners of the restaurant enjoy giving back to the community and whenever there is a ceremony with soldiers at the Western Wall, the Lone Soldiers are invited for a hot meal at the establishment.

Price: $

Website: Click HERE to view all the menus and prices

Address: Ha’guy 174, Jerusalem

Tel: +972-53-941-9157


At the Old Train Station compound, a center for culture, fairs, music and much more, built on the foundations of the historical Jerusalem old train station, and only a 10 minutes drive from the Western Wall, you will be able to have a spectacular celebratory lunch at this great restaurant. Operating since 2001, it offers fine cuisine, has an elegant and vast wine menu and a wonderful atmosphere

Adom’s menu offers a variety of cuisines, many with a Mediterranean influence. You will find dishes such as In house aged meats, seafood, fish, gnocchi, fresh pasta and risotto, all prepared by using high quality ingredients. Daily specials menu created by chefs Moti Davis and Elran Buzaglo include a variety of seasonal ingredients.

Price: $$

Website: Click HERE 

Address: David Remez 4, New Train St compound

Tel: +972-2-6246242


If you are looking for a restaurant with a beautiful view to the Old City walls and the Tower of David, Kedma is the ideal choice. Kedma is a Kosher Brasserie with 8 years of experience in events production and serves on a daily basis Jerusalemite food, a variety of aged meats and a changing choice of chef’s specials.

At the restaurant there are different spaces available to choose from to enjoy the private event (which some can hold up to 500 guests), and along with the delicious menu, your guests will enjoy every moment and bite!

Price: $$-$$$

Website: Click HERE

Address: Mamila Avenue, 3rd floor

Tel: +972-2-500-37-37


ANNA is an Italian Kosher social restaurant opened in the Israel Museum spectacular Anna Ticho House in the center of Jerusalem. ANNA is location in a historic building that belongs and operated by the Israel Museum and a social program for youth in distress.

ANNA was established by Dualis Yozma as a social business that trains and employs youth in distress providing them with an opportunity to acquire a profession and to change the course of their lives.

The restaurant provides the atmosphere, quality and excellence of an haute cuisine at affordable prices. Chef Moshiko Gamaliel, of the Mona Restaurant Group, partnered with them in the founding of ANNA.

The restaurant also offers a private room and balcony suitable for hosting a range of events. Private events such as Bar Mitzvah’s, weddings and other family and business events of up to 200 guests can be held in the beautiful gardens surrounding the building. Anna Ticho House, which was built in the second half of the 19th century, is one of the first houses in Jerusalem built outside the city walls. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the building, which underwent extensive renovation recently. The first floor displays the Israel Museum’s high standard exhibitions including temporary exhibitions and the permanent Ticho House exhibitions.

Price: $$-$$$

Website: Click HERE 

Address: 10 Harav Agan St. , Jerusalem

Tel: +972-53-4872314


On the edge of the Machane Yehuda open market is one of the best restaurants in Jerusalem, arguably the best in the country. If you fancy a celebratory dinner rather than a brunch or lunch, we recommend the eccentric original and exciting Machneyuda restaurant. Run by celebrity-chef Asaf Granit, the menu and dishes pay respect to the city’s colors, aromas and atmosphere. At the bar you can see the chefs slice, dice, steam, boil and fry while dancing and singing along to the authentic Israeli music played in the background.

Price: $$$$

Website: Click HERE 

Address: 10 Beit Yaakov, located in the Machne Yehuda market

Tel: +972-2-533-3442

Puzzle Israel’s Outdoor Celebratory Meal

Puzzle Israel’s own catering service offers a truly different way to enjoy a celebratory meal. The catering service’s specialty is in producing a chef’s meal for as many people as you would like, any place you want outdoors! Yes, the meal can be on the top of a mountain, in the middle of the forest, at a remote beach or in a secluded spot in the desert. Chefs Nir Margalith and Guy Marom and the catering staff will whisk up a Mediterranean feast for you and your guests that will not only be remembered by everyone for its delicious food but for its originality.

Price: $$-$$$$

Website: Click HERE 

Address: Everywhere and anywhere in Israel

Tel: +972-52-22611323