You can. Experience Israel’s incredible landscapes, history and culture from a different angle on bicycle tours designed for cyclists just like you. It’s the perfect Israel puzzle piece for both small groups of friends and large groups of up to 50 people.

We partner with Renta’ Road Bike, the leading bike rental and bicycle tour guide services, to take you on cycling tours along some of the most beautiful cycling routes in the world (the best bike tours Israel has to offer). You can rent a top-level road bike through us or bring your own.

As you ride, you’ll take in the luscious green mountains of the north and the sprawling desert landscapes of the south – feeling exhilarated while getting the workout of a lifetime.

You’ll experience the smells, sights, sounds, and textures of Israel,

All Along Indulging in Israel’s Finest Views, Cuisine, and Culture

During the entire Israel bicycle tour you will benefit and enjoy the company of a fun, vibrant, energetic, and professional team from Puzzle Israel and Renta’ Road Bike – ready to meet all of your needs, including a full time professional bike mechanic and a bicycle tour escort vehicle.

All you Need To Do Is:

  • Click below to view our different cycling tours that depart on different dates, each one highlights different special things about cycling and Israel
  • Come and meet other cycling enthusiasts on the amazing bicycle tour adventure we’ve carefully crafted and outlined!


And Remember:


  • At any moment of the bicycle tour, we can accommodate 3 levels of difficulty. You can choose to split up and take an easier or more difficult route. Or, if you ever need a breather, you can get in the car for a while! So don’t be worried about not making it the whole way – it’s your journey and you can put the pieces of the puzzle together in any way you want.
  • We invite you to bring your family along, even if they don’t cycle! We can build a parallel itinerary for them and you will meet them along the way!

8 plus

Interested in having your own cycling tour on a date that suites you?

If you have a group of 8 or more people ready for unique Israel bicycle adventure tours with an adventurous cycling foodie twist, we can personalize an itinerary just for you!

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Want to raise money for a cause?

We can customize your itinerary to help you do just that. In the past, tour members have used their tour as a way to give back and raise awareness/funds for a cause close to their heart. Let us help you reach your fundraising goals!

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While you’re in Israel, we make it a point to join you for some of your tour.
So expect to meet more of the Puzzle Israel team than just your tour guide(s) .
We all want to meet you and share our love for Israel! (Besides, we can’t let the guides have all the fun!)

Experience one of these intense bicycle trip adventures to stimulate all five senses!
And WOW your friends and neighbors with amazing tales of cycling your way through the magical land of Israel!